Great SEO Tactics Every Business Should Try

SEO is not as easy as some people think it is. It requires testing and trialling, and knowing what to look out when it comes to improving your campaign. However, some key SEO tactics can substantially improve a business’ campaign in the long run.

Here are some great SEO tactics that you should try for your business:

Optimize for voice search

As much as you use keywords as your base, you should start to adjust your search terms to include voice searches – that is, keywords, but in a conversational tone. With the likes of Siri and Google Home, people are incurred to search for stuff by saying it, not typing it. Therefore, keywords are slightly altered. You should start to adjust your keywords to include voice searches, so you get a broader scope of traffic.

Improve your UX (user experience) throughout your site

How your site is structured, designed and navigates is crucial to your SEO in numerous ways. If your site is too confusing, your customers will leave your site. If it’s too large, it takes too long to load, and once again, customers will jump off it. Therefore, if your website is inadequate in terms of UX, you should adjust it, to make sure that it flows smoothly, so your customers can stay on longer. It will turn them into leads.

Build a variety of backlinks

Backlinks are vital for developing the domain authority of your website. Therefore, you have to continually build them to get your site ranking as high as possible. But you have spread your links evenly. As good as it is to have links from social media platforms, they can only help you so much. Look towards local directories, and sites that offer guest blogging. These sites can help you develop quality links back to your website.

SEO Search Engine Optimization business concept

Go into detail with your content

Content is king when it comes to your SEO. So, when the time calls for it – improve it. The more detail you put into your content, from the paragraphs to selling points, from testimonials to processes, the more you can inform your customers. And guess what, the more they are informed, the longer they’ll stay on your site. That will reduce your bounce rate, telling Google that your website provides valuable content. That can only mean one thing – higher rankings!

Target local searches with local landing pages

Local searches are vital if you are looking to target local markets. This is where developing specific local landing pages, targeting cities or suburbs is valuable. It will help navigate keywords searches to those pages and assist with spreading your net further than normal.

Know how to measure SEO performance

Setting parameters for your SEO will help determine if you have succeeded in reaching your goals. Too often, businesses don’t have KPIs to measure their SEO, and that leads to them not knowing if their campaign is working effectively. Make sure that you take the time to set up KPIs – such as rankings, the amount of traffic coming to your site, lead conversions etc. – and stick to it. It will help you in the long-term to determine if your campaign is working or needs a revamp!