How to Combine Your SEO and Branding

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO in Brampton, branding is a huge part of the equation. Sure, marketing and SEO will both help get you in front of your target audience and customers, but that means so much more when they actually recognize your brand. Then, their reaction isn’t one of utility; instead, they have a reaction of familiarity.

Why is Familiarity Important?

Familiarity is a few levels deeper than utility in terms of the reaction of one experiencing it. Where utility makes us say, “oh, right. I was looking for one of those”, familiarity makes us say, “I forgot about this! I was so interested in this when I saw it last time; I’m glad I have the opportunity to engage with it again.” Can you see the important distinction between these two ideas?

To put it another way, imagine your favourite childhood place. It could be a room, a house, a secluded spot in the woods; now, think of what makes it your favourite place. It may be the way the sunlight filters through from above, the feeling of comfort and security, how it taught you to push your limits, or any other quality you find important and essential to describing your feelings towards the spot. More than likely, you’re thinking about some quality that marks the place as familiar to you, which makes it special and irreplaceable. This is the power of familiarity, and brands hoping to harness the power of SEO in Brampton must take full advantage of this power to improve their marketing efforts.

How to Grow Familiarity

We could talk about the marketing trope that “a customer must see your brand or product seven times before they make a purchase”, but it’s already a trope, and for good reason. Still, it does give us a good idea of where to start when combining Brampton SEO and branding. Let show you how repetition, consistency and engagement can help you make the most of both your SEO and branding. 


If you use SEO for backlinks or social media, you’re already doing half the work of branding. You can help familiarize your existing and potential clients by exposing them to your SEO efforts. Simple content can still be good content, for example. Mentioning a keyword and adding a link back to your website can help SEO certainly, but by adding an additional callback to your company name, motto or story, you are accomplishing something more than the sum of the post’s parts. 


Much like SEO can help branding with repetition, branding can improve your SEO through consistency. This can be done through several methods. The first one is with an overall improvement in voice and composition for your SEO content. By relying more on the same wording, you reinforce your brand and narrow the scope of your SEO. For even better results, you can use related keywords and long-tail variations to help jumpstart your branding library. 


These days, it isn’t enough to simply have an online presence. Now, it is equally important to make that presence visible through engagement with your clients and audience. This doesn’t have to be the fun, snarky social media presence of fast food giants, but it should be authentic and worthwhile. Aiming towards genuine interaction will help define your brand’s voice, but it will also encourage users to share your content, creating valuable backlinks for your SEO portfolio.