Everything You Need for a New Startup Office

Got a startup? Then, chances are that you’re ready to flesh out your new office and begin operating as a legitimate business that can compete with established companies. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need for a new startup office, including:

Establishing Methods of Communication
Redefining the Modern Office Environment
Embracing Automation

Must-Haves for Your Startup Office #1: Establishing Methods of Communication

Your startup office serves as the nexus of operations that your business works from. Even for those that have virtualized most of their startup office, there still remains the question of how employees and customers will reach your business.

Having an email address(es) is all well and good for the 21st century, but there’s still the need to have communication with a company representative or staff member in real-time. For that, phone communication is necessary.

For instance, your startup office may have multiple locations around the world. By using a virtual business number that corresponds to where your business operates, you can facilitate communication that would otherwise be subject to:

Service blockages from service providers
Long-distance charges
Lack of interest from domestic businesses and clients

Must-Have for Your Startup Office #2: Redefining the Modern Office Environment

If you’re thinking about creating a traditional office environment for your startup office, think again. Gone are the days of relying on a physical brick-and-mortar location, such as a branch office or a room jammed with grey cubicles. To assist you in setting up your office, consider having an office fundraiser.

In their place are virtual environments, such as virtual offices and virtual locations and allows for virtual downtime as well including options like live22. These methods are especially awesome for those who are bootstrapping their startup with minimal resources. In fact, many businesses are forgoing an office altogether, meeting up in coffeehouses or a person’s spare room to discuss business essentials as needed. Similarly, some just run their business through periodic voice calls or by using online collaboration platforms (such as Slack, Kentico, Teamwork, and more). Whatever the methodology, the modern startup office utilizes the “less is more” approach for minimal overheads and maximum leverage.

Must-Have for Your Startup Office #3: Embracing Automation

Startups are known for doing the most with very little by embracing the newest technology. Luckily, technology now has made it possible to embrace automation. A service provider like United World Telecom can help automate your inbound calls, much like a traditional secretary would with a service known as a Private Branch Exchange. Inbound callers first encounter an automated voice greeting that provides instructions to access your startup office. Afterward, callers self-select through your company’s directory, accessing information as needed and dialing extensions to reach particular departments/staff members.

Furthermore, coupling a PBX with Integrated Voice Response (IVR) enables callers to use their voice to navigate through your directory. This widens the audience for those who can reach your startup office, accommodating those with accessibility requirements or those operating a vehicle.

In conclusion, your startup office can be tailored to meet your unique needs by embracing modern technology. By using your creativity and business acumen, you can equip your new startup office to reach new levels of success.