Fun Game Ideas for Team Members

Whenever an introverted employee hears “team-building” somewhere around the office, he would often stay away from that area, since he is not a fan of team-building games that can often produce awkward situations with team members and the team leader. However, there are a few games created specifically for team-building that even the shyest introvert can enjoy. Whether your team is outdoors or in the office, these games are truly fun to play and would strengthen the bond between each of the members of your team. Here are some fun game ideas for team members.

The Zoom Game

In this game, you would need to have a copy of a picture book titled “Zoom,” which is created by Istvan Banyai. You must separate each page of the book, and then you can laminate the pages so that they would be more durable when they are passed around by the team members. Once the team members are gathered in a room, hand each member one page of the book. Keep in mind that the members must not be able to see the other members’ pages. The goal of the game is for the participants to arrange the pages of the book in the right order without seeing the other pages. Each member will be given a chance to explain what is found on the page he or she is given. Within the explanation, the other members will be given a hint if their page belongs after or before the page that is being described. The team leader will be the one that will control who talks first to explain his or her page. This game builds confidence and trust for team members.

meeting with team members


For Winner/Loser, you can pair two team members, or all members can participate in one game session. In the pair configuration, one member will share a sad or negative moment that happened in his or her life, and after sharing that, he or she must then find a positive aspect of that specific moment. The partner will then look for the silver lining at the moment shared, and once he or she is done saying the silver lining, they both can either talk more about the event or the other partner will share his or her bad moment. For the group session, one member can tell about a bad life moment, and then the other will share the positive aspects of the shared event. The aim of the game is to get the team members close to each other while also looking at the positive things in life.

Life Highlights

In Life Highlights, you must ask each team member to close their eyes, and one by one, they must tell the biggest or the most important events of their lives within one minute. These moments may include getting married to their high school sweetheart, having children and raising them well, getting a medal for their chosen sport, winning an art contest, or even getting big prizes at Mr. Bet Casino. After each member shared their life highlights, they must keep their eyes closed while answering the question, “What 30 seconds of their life’s most important moments would they want to relive?” After all the members of the team have answered the question, all of them must then reflect on the answers given by each member. This game lets you and the members get to know each other closer, as you are exploring the moments that shaped the personality and the attitude of every participant.

Purpose Mingle

Purpose Mingle is a short team-building activity that you can add before starting a meeting in the office. At the beginning of the game, you can ask one team member to walk around the meeting room while discussing the goal of the meeting as well as what they can contribute to reaching the goal. After that member is done, another member will do the same. The process will be repeated until all team members have shared their planned contributions for the meeting. After the meeting, you can reward team members who stayed true to their promise of contributing to the meeting so that they can feel good about sharing ideas with you and the other members. Purpose Mingle is supposed to help members to be more helpful in reaching the goals of the team by contributing thoughts and plans on how to accomplish the goal.

team members discussing strategies and ideas during a meeting

Two Truths and a Lie

For Two Truths and a Lie, you must hand out a piece of paper for each member, and then they will write on the paper two truths and one lie about themselves. It could be an important aspect of his or her life, such as having two kids or owning a car, or it could even be the simpler activities that the member may or may not have done for the day, such as eating breakfast cereals or searching for online casinos in a gambling lists site. The goal of each member is to convince the other that the lie that he or she wrote in the held paper is the truth. You can ask one member to go to the center and say all the three things that are written on his or her paper while the other members will guess which of the three is the lie. The game can have some funny moments as all the team members try to guess as hard as they can while the member at the center fools them. This game creates a fun atmosphere for the team while also strengthening the bond between each member.

There are more team-building games to choose from, but these are just five of the best ones that are the most enjoyable. If you want to be a little bit more creative, you can even create your own team-building game, but make sure that the rules are fair, and the gameplay such as on is fun for your team members.