The Complete Guide Of How to Move To Indiana

Hey yo!

Heard about the endless job opportunities, the low cost of living, the tons of golden education fortunes, and the genuinely nice people of Indiana?

Seriously speaking:

Those are just enough reasons to move there, really. But, as you might have known already, relocating is no doddle.


I have invested time and energy into serious research to craft this complete handy-dandy guide of how to move to Indiana, easy and fast.

Let’s get to it, starting with…

STEP 1; Start In Advance

Always remember:

Preparation is key to a successful relocation. Often, I would start preparing my movements 3-2months before the D-day. Though, this depends on the number of people relocating.

Here’s what I mean:

If you’re moving alone, 1-2months is enough to become journey-ready. Otherwise, you’d need 3-4months to get your family on the same page for your Indiana relocation. Get it?

Moving on to…

STEP 2; Do Your Research To Hire The Best Movers

Here’s the fact:

Your moving success depends largely on your chosen moving company. Choose the wrong guys and you’re toasted, for real.


I always do the work to make a shortlist of the 6 top moving companies that are insured and licensed for my kind of relocation. In your case, I recommend these guys for moving to Indiana easily.


From my list of 6, I would choose the mover that is most affordable to hire and that has my best interest in mind.

Next one:

STEP 3; Notify Whom You Should

Very important:

If you’re a tenant, notifying your landlord helps them to find a new tenant in time and take essential legal steps.


As a homeowner, inform a real estate professional to either sell your old home or rent it out for you.


Notify your boss at work or your workers if you’re an entrepreneur.

Moving on:

STEP 4; Declutter, Downsize, Sell, Recycle, And Donate

Want to save money and space?

Declutter your old home by taking inventory of the household items, and sorting out what you can use from what should be discarded. Sell, donate, recycle, and downsize whatever you can.

STEP 5; Take A Virtual Tour

Not a must but…

Having a virtual tour/vacation around Indiana empowers you with eye-opening information that would optimize your stay. A great place to start is VisitIndiana or IndianaTech.


I recommend IndianaTech because it gives you a real-life 3D dimension exploration of Indiana right on the screen of your phone or laptop. Just Google-search IndianaTech to find it.

Next up…

STEP 6; Pack All You Need, Clean, And Confirm Travel Arrangements


First, pack and box all your needed items. Then, disconnect all utilities (power, water, HVAC). And finally, hire a cleaning crew to get the old space living-worthy for the new residence.


Inquire about insurance coverage, and finally, confirm your travel arrangements with your agent.

FINAL Touches

In the end:

Transfer all your important records (school, medical, works, etc) to have them in hand as you move to Indiana. 

And before you go:

You might as well just take the time to celebrate with the people who matter to you that you’re leaving behind.