Tips for Finding to Find Free Logo Templates

Designing a logo can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the expertise to design it on your own or if you do not have the budget to hire a logo designer. A logo is often created first before launching a business, as it actually dictates the identity of the brand, as well as how the packaging for the products should look. So, for most people that wanted to start a business, they wouldn’t be able to sell their products or services without having a logo first.


Luckily, there are dozens of websites that offer free logo templates online, and you can use these templates to make a simple logo for your business. You can also look at existing logos and be inspired as well.  In addition, these logo templates don’t cost anything, which means that you wouldn’t need to spend money for a logo designer or designing software. So, after deciding on how your logo should look like, you can go to these logo template websites. As mentioned, dozens of websites are available for you to visit and find free logo templates, so it would be pretty difficult to find one or two websites that you can really rely on for making logos. To help make it easier for you to decide, we are here to provide with a few of the best free logo template websites so that you wouldn’t to search anymore online. Here are the best sites to find free logo templates.


Canva is one of the most popular logo template websites today, and its popularity is justified by its many features and great templates. Besides logos, Canva also provides free templates for flyers, social media posts, invitations, and even business cards. So, if you have any template needs for your business, Canva provides it all for you.

The website has both free and paid templates, but the free ones are sufficient if you just want to get a simple logo for your business. In addition, you can also upload your own images and you can add some of Canva’s free image element in their library if you want to edit or modify the graphic. Then, after creating your logo, you can download it as a JPG, PDF, or PNG file.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker provides you with arguably the easiest way to get a logo, as it will ask you to answer several questions and it will automatically generate a logo template. Once you get the generated logo, you can customize it a little bit more to make it unique. The customization options including changing font styles, font size, colors, and adding text.

Once you are able to make the final design for your logo, you will be able to get full commercial rights for the logo once you download it, which means that the license for the logo would not be owned by Wix but by you, even if they own the template.

Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs is a logo template generator that features hundreds of different designs for you to choose from. Once you have chosen a template, you can edit it and add text and other elements so that you can make your logo stand out. If you have a difficult time finding a template, you can filter your option in the website be selecting the “Popular” or “New” filters on their page.

The downside to using Graphic Springs is that it would cost you about $20 to download the logo you created, so it is not technically free. However, you are still allowed to customize and create another logo if you want to, but you would just need to pay for it if you want to download it or use it for your business.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is another popular logo generator website that features hundreds of different templates that are great for startup businesses that wanted to create their company logo. There are 20 categories that divide the hundreds of templates, and these categories will help you decide which type of logo is perfect for your business.

After choosing a template, you can edit and customize your logo much like other website on the list, and you can do this for free. Then, you can download a low resolution version of your logo for free, but if you want to get the high resolution version, you will need to need to purchase it for about $60.


While the last two websites only allow you to download a high resolution version of you logo after paying a certain amount, Ucraft actually gives you a high quality logo for free. Ucraft is considered to be one of the best logo generators online, as it allows you to edit and customize your logo while also enabling you to use it automatically for your company’s website. Ucraft is technically a website builder like WordPress, so you can create the website for your business besides making its logo.

Furthermore, Ucraft also features free cloud hosting, so you can save multiple files in your account for free. If you want to use your logo on your products’ packaging or for any kind of ads, you can download the logo from Ucraft as a PNG file without paying for anything.

Those are five of the best logo generator websites that you can find online based on reviews and consumer feedback. If you don’t like the features of any of the websites mentioned above, you still have plenty of option on the internet if you keep searching on Google or other search engines. Creating the best logo is important for your business, so you shouldn’t compromise on getting cheap and low quality logos. Instead, you would need to give and provide your best to create the perfect logo that will make you brand stand out among the rest.