TV Shows You Should Watch This Winters

With COVID affecting almost everything, television production also got slightly disrupted in 2022. However, 2022 is already looking pretty good with plenty of exciting TV shows coming our way, given that we are only in the first half of winter. Arguably, there is absolutely no better combination than winters and a TV show, that is going to keep us hooked and glued to our big screens.

Before we take a deep dive into the list, let’s make sure that we have all the essentials required to sit, relax and put on a good TV show. Get yourself a cozy blanket, a bowl of popcorns, why not throw in a cup of hot chocolate, and an excellent cable TV connection, how are you going to have a good time without it, right? Well, if you are wondering which impressive and affordable cable connection you should go for, then we suggest you check out Optimum TV packages as they have a wide range of more than 420 channels on their Premier TV. Optimum delivers amazing performance with channels ranging from entertainment, sports to news. This way, you will have an uninterrupted TV experience and that too at an incredibly cost-effective price.

Now that you are all set to watch these fantastic TV shows, get cozy on your couch because we have just the right list for you to wait out this chilly weather by watching one of the most anticipated TV shows.

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1. Euphoria (2019-Present)

You can sign us up for anything that has Zendaya featured in it and we will happily watch it, even if we bawl our eyes out while watching it. On January 9th, Euphoria returned to our screens with its season 2. We are not exaggerating when we say that it had us on the verge of our seats. The second season is as chaotic as ever and we are positive that you will love it.

In case, you haven’t watched the first season yet, now is the perfect time for you to binge-watch the whole series so you can keep up with this latest hit in pop culture. This complex world of a bunch of teenagers is exactly the right winters dose that we all need. Each and every scene, dialogue, and acting is executed so perfectly that it would be hard for you to look somewhere else, even for a second.

So, don’t wait any longer and put on this masterpiece while you are probably snowed in.

2. Abbott Elementary (2021-Present)

Abbot Elementary is a perfect show for you to have a good laugh. This comedy series is about the story of Janine, who is a passionate elementary school teacher. It is set in a Philadelphia public school, where a group of teachers is trying to help their students have a successful life.

These public servants have all the odds against them yet they are trying to do what they love in the presence of their tone-deaf principal. This stellar comedy is perfect for you to fill the hole in your heart that was left with the ending of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

3. Outlander (2014-Present)

If you have been impatiently waiting like us then we have news for you; Outlander is returning after nearly two years with its 6th season. This season is going to explore the lives of Jamie, Claire, Roger, and Bianna on Fraiser’s Ridge in the USA.

The viewers of this historical time-travel drama are going to witness the political revolution and upheaval that took place in the US. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s novel – A Breath of Snow and Ashes – the sixth season of Outlander is going to be a rough season for our favorite characters.

The trailer has already given us glimpses of what we should expect and we are not ready to have our hearts broken by watching the cracks show up in the beautiful relationship of Jamie and Claire. But we all knew that it wouldn’t be a season of Outlander without any emotional rollercoaster. We suggest you hang in there and keep your comfy blankets near you while watching the sixth season of Outlander.

4. Killing Eve (2018-2022)

Killing Eve is returning with its third and final season this winter. This spy thriller follows the life of a security services operator – Eve who has been given a mission to kill a terrific and talented assassin Villanelle. However, due to the strange circumstances, the two women started to find themselves being drawn to each other.

Season 3 ended on an emotional note and left us hanging on several twists and turns. For this coming season, you can prepare yourself to watch Eve and Villanelle navigating new adventures. Eve is on a mission to seek revenge, meanwhile, Villanelle is trying hard to prove that she is a better person now.

Sandra Oh really knows how to bring magic to the screen and bring her audience captivated with her brilliant performance. Damn! It is going to be pretty hard for us to finally bid our goodbye to this amazing show but we cannot wait to see how everything unfolds in this last season.

5. The Drop (2022-)

It is surely a treat to watch Ms. Amanda Seyfried on our screens. The Drop is based on a podcast by Rebecca Jarvis and ABC Audio. This miniseries is going to consist of eight episodes and it will tell the story of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes, who is played by Seyfried is recently convicted of defrauding investors.

This drama is going to tell her journey of becoming a white-collar culprit, who is now in federal prison for 20 years. What was the chain of events that led her to commit such a crime while she was one of America’s top entrepreneurs?

It is definitely going on our to-watch list for this winter.

6. Welcome to Flatch (2022-)

Welcome to Flatch is a perfect alternative for all the Parks n Recreation lovers who have been waiting for another fantastic mockumentary. This docu-comedy is based on the British sitcom “This Country”. It follows the lives of residents in the small American Midwestern town of Flatch. You can prepare yourself to meet some odd fellows who are going to stop you in your track.

What really happens when a documentary crew goes to a small town in order to study a bunch of people and their current concerns? Don’t miss out on this new series if you want to know more about some peculiar and eccentric personalities.

7. We Need to Talk About Cosby (2022-)

None of us was ready for what came out in the media regarding Bill Cosby – former standup comedian, actor, and author – but now is the time that we all need to talk about the aggravated indecent assaults that became the reason for Cosby’s conviction in 2018.

In this four-part documentary series, W. Kamau Bell – the director of the series conducts interviews with numerous comedians, journalists, and the women that accused Cosby of assault. It explores how people now have to fight with their feelings for their favorite comedian who now has a pretty tarnished image in public.

So, while you wait for the snow to melt, put in this documentary and learn about one of the most famous recent court cases of America.

Final Words

Some might say that winter is one of the most boring times of the year because you are stuck in your home. Well, we believe that it is just the perfect time to binge-watch all the amazing programs while you sip your coffee and snuggle up with your adorable cat.

If you are looking for some good TV shows that you can put on big screens right now, we recommend giving a watch to the ones mentioned above.