Writing 101: How to Get Your Content Noticed

Writing is a job that quite simply is not for everyone. No matter how appealing a pay rate, how flexible the schedule, or what degree of freedom a writing gig may offer, it’s simply not worth it for a lot of people. Writing immediately brings up memories of late assignments in university classes, late-night cramming sessions, or generalized anxiety.

While it’s very valid for someone to have no interest in writing, very few other job opportunities seem to compare for the person who connects to this line of work. Writing just makes sense for the person who enjoys sitting down and being challenged by a blank page and the feeling of satisfaction when a word count has been achieved. However, one of the challenges for this kind of person is simply the market.

While it’s true that communication and technology are advancing at incredible speeds that are causing a constant state of evolution when it comes to the way humans interact with each other, there will always be a need for writers.

Copywriting is one particular field in that many passionate writers can make a living. However, getting into other forms of publications can prove to be quite the challenge. The world of literature isn’t a speedy one, and finding ways to get your work published through traditional means such as book publication has never been easy.

However, if you are looking to improve your writing skill and find ways to get your writing noticed, here are some basics to always keep in mind.

Where Can You Find Work?

For many people who dream of being a writer, the unfortunate truth is that it’s a journey to learning how to support yourself on your skill as a writer. This is not an easy task and represents a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, for many writers, the reality of working outside of their desired field to make ends meet while they learn the necessary skills is a big part of their reality.

So the first thing to look at when wanting to get your writing noticed is simply looking for places that can pay you. This may not be immediately easy to find, but whether it’s guest blog writing, copywriting, or ghostwriting, there are entry-level jobs that you can find that will give you some kind of compensation. If it’s not what you want, don’t despise the opportunity but take the experience.

The main thing this will do for you is stretch you and grow you as a writer and help broaden and diversify your portfolio.

Look at Every Writing Opportunity as a Chance to Grow

The biggest lie for young writers is that paid work, copywriting, or guest blogging isn’t creative work. Many writers are passionate about using their skills creatively. A paid gig allows you to use your skill creatively. Yes, it may not be what you’d prefer, but it will help sharpen your skillset and grow your confidence.

Welcome The Edits

One of the most important ways to set yourself apart from the competition is to produce a high-value product. This means finding a way of editing the work that works best for you whether it’s investing in software like Grammarly or Word Counter that helps you edit as you write or get friends, family, or associates to check your work.

Put Your Mental Health First

Writing takes a lot of mental energy and mental stamina to do for long periods. But, if this is how you want to make your living and this is what you want to pursue, then taking care of your mental health has to be your priority. There’s no way around this one; your mental health is your greatest resource for writing for a living.

This could look like many different things for different people as well. Everything from healthy eating and workout routines, and professional counseling, all the way to just having sacred time when you aren’t allowed to think of writing so you can recharge. If you want your writing to improve and grow in your skill sets, you can gain the level of recognition desired and take care of yourself first and foremost.


When it comes to building a name for yourself as a writer, you have to remember to be patient. This is a field that has been around for thousands of years, and it’s a skill that you will keep honing and developing throughout your life. So take your time, give yourself patience and enjoy the process!