Branding 101: Discover Your Brand Archetype (Quiz!)

Archetype quiz exampleIf you or your organization were a brand archetype, which you would be? Answer the questions below to get a good idea.

Select 3 choices for every question. Rate on a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being your first choice, 2 = second choice and 3 = third choice.

It will take you about 8-10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. You will get your answer immediately.



We value people who are: 1 2 3
Resourceful and inventive
Modest and humble
True and trustworthy
Innovative and visionary
Lively and loving
Self-sustaining and sure
Extraverted and fun
Clever and ingenious
Kindhearted and empathic
Intelligent and sharp
Diplomatic and insightful
Reliable and diligent
We pride ourselves on: 1 2 3
Maintaining a strong team-spirit
Being miracle-workers
Having a strong, positive impact
Fostering growth and progress
Defending and preserving life
Building on past successes
Doing things our own way
Our ability to build rapport
Putting imagination into motion
Compassion for the world
Overcoming challenges
Being the best in the industry
Our founder(s) believed: 1 2 3
The answers are there. It's up to us to find them.
We are industry leaders.
Discover what makes you tick; follow that.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Live your mission with fire and passion.
Make the world a better place for everyone.
Blaze your own path.
Life is a journey. Make it fun.
The world is a neighborhood. Now let's make it a family.
Show them something they have never seen before.
We are stewards; this is our responsibility.
We help others feel: 1 2 3
Secure and self-assured
Secure and safe
Inventive and capable
Galvanized and motivated
Our offering helps people: 1 2 3
Take charge
Inspire change
Serve and protect
Shake things up
Make the world better
Find romance or connection
Define themselves
Pioneer new worlds
Feel belonging
Learn and grow
We want to be valued for our: 1 2 3
Healing we bring to the world
Putting their dreams within reach
Fresh approach
Understanding and proficiency
Distinguished example
Fortitude and heart
Exciting inventions
Easy-going, friendly way
Warm, down-home feeling
Honorable reliability
Revolutionary ideas
Impeccable taste
People use our type of products/services to: 1 2 3
Move people emotionally
Lead the way
Deepen connections with others
Feel normal
Own responsibility
Nurture and support
Educate or improve understanding
Define and proclaim themselves
Dream and collaborate
Have fun or delight
Our product/service is associated with: 1 2 3
Shattering the status quo
Appealing to the senses
Wholeness and wellness
Being among of the elite
Your artistic side
Smiles and laughter
Savvy people in the know
The wilderness
That "down home" feeling
Making dreams come true
Friends and family
Sports and athletics
Our product/service differs from others because it: 1 2 3
Offers a great value
Is rugged and durable
Unearths inner strength
Promises top-quality
Means crème de la crème
Improves health and well-being
Holds to higher standards
Breaks from the monotony
Supports compassion for one another
Provides a fun escape
Feels fashionable and contemporary
Helps to define and realize vision
If our product or organization were a person, it would be: 1 2 3
A clown or prankster
A fellow peer
A mysterious shaman
A law-abiding citizen
King of the World
Generous and nurturing
Strong and resilient
An outrageous rogue
A champion
A inspired performer or artist
An advisor
A superstar
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