5 Tips to Avoid Employee Demotivation

5 Tips to Avoid Employee Demotivation

If you think hiring the most qualified people to work for your company is a daunting task, you must not have thought about what it takes to make sure they stick around. Sure, good pay and an array of employee benefits are some factors to keep them motivated, but studies show that … Read more

New Jersey is a Sensational Home for Great Travel Nurses Career

New Jersey is a Sensational Home for Great Travel Nurses Career

Is it true that you are a healthcare expert? Let trustaff take your career to energize new statutes as you explore the country as a travel nurse! There are trustaff traveling nurse jobs in New Jersey in case you doubt and if you are looking for healthcare experience in another location, travel … Read more

How to Start a Bakery Business

How to Start a Bakery Business

What Type of Bakery Do You Want to Start? So you finally decided to turn your addiction to baking into a business. It is a great idea with a lot of potentials, but it needs a lot of planning before you can launch it. A cake business will typically take the form … Read more

Essay Writing Tips to Succeed in Marketing 101 Course

Marketing Writing

Marketing 101 course is surprisingly interesting and fun as many students claim. It is not exceptionally challenging as it is dedicated to basics. However, when it comes to writing essays on this course, it can be truly a little too much for someone who just starts in this field. So let’s get … Read more

Should You Switch to Online Testing? Where to Get Started From?

Online Testing

The world of testing is changing swiftly. Whether corporations or educational institutions, the authorities are turning towards online testing.  Of course, in this world of digitalization, you can easily conduct a test in your institution or campus that too without any hazard. If you are thinking about what should you do and … Read more

What Investing in Signage Can Do in Your Business?

What Investing in Signage Can Do in Your Business

In today’s business competition in the market, there are many competitors in the industry.  It risks the profit which can be possibly gained by your company.  And since this is now the reality in the market, it is not surprising that many owners would spend their money wisely in everything they will … Read more

How to Plan a Marketing Conference

How to Plan a Marketing Conference

Marketing conferences are a great way to connect with founders of other companies and build relationships. However, planning a marketing conference is a hard job to do. With so many variables coming into play, you need to prepare for every instance and make sure everything falls into place. Plus, more often than … Read more

A New Trading Platform: OCTAFX

A New Trading Platform OCTAFX

Tradestone Limited are going to be releasing (at https://octapro.com website) a new trading platform soon, called OCTAFX. Here is a short preview of what to expect: OCTAFX platform provides clients with an opportunity to trade 400+ assets: including currencies, indices, commodities and stocks. KEY FEATURES: Trade Currencies: – Wide choice of currencies; … Read more

How to Write Better Essays: 6 Practical Tips

How to Write Better Essays

An academic essay paper writing is a mode of style that absolutely anyone can master especially when one knows the basic steps of writing an academic essay. It must provide a very concrete and debatable thesis which is backed up by relevant evidence. This evidence might be from either one’s source or … Read more

Boomtown Analyzes the Best Sites for Live Roulette in 2021

Boomtown Analyzes the Best Sites for Live Roulette in 2019

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But your gambling winnings don’t! You bring that money back home with you but let’s hope that’s the only thing.  Have you ever yearned to experience the thrill of a live game without the debauchery that comes with a weekend in Vegas? That’s where online … Read more

Valuable Advice For Freelancers To Earn Without Getting Scammed

Valuable Advice For Freelancers To Earn Without Getting Scammed

Online platforms offer a multitude of job and freelancing opportunities for stay-at-home moms/dads, senior citizens, and students. It is undeniable, they are easy to find and register. The hours are flexible without the hassles of commuting. But where ample opportunities are available, they also become a breeding ground for scammers. One of … Read more

Measure Your Content Correctly with Content KPIs

Measure Your Content Correctly with Content KPIs

What gets measured gets managed. Marketing is all arts and crafts. If you haven’t heard these statements as a content marketer at least once, you’re a part of a minority. What’s more, presenting an argument against the idea behind these statements was only possible until the digital age. Today, content marketers swear … Read more

How Good Business Signs Can Contribute to Good Business Info

Good Business Signs

There are certain things that every business must have and must be doing well to achieve success in today’s competitive marketplace. Having good signage is one of these things. In this article, we will be going over different ways good signs can contribute to good business and translate to success within the … Read more

Why Marketers And HR Should Work Together For a Great Company Culture

Marketers And HR Should Work Together

Human Resource Management and Marketers should be tight as thieves to boost the efficacy of one’s company progress. Haven’t thought about such a collaboration? We are ready to convince you of its advantages. There are many possible advantages which people may get from a collaboration between Human Resource Management and Marketing leaders. … Read more

The Two Flower Merchants

tale of two merchants

  ne day, two flower merchants set up shop next to one another. They opened for business on the same day, carried the same lovely selection of aromatic flowers, and maintained similar prices for their marvelous plants. Both merchants took great care with raising their plants and both were kind and courteous … Read more

The Birds and the Dragon

fable of the birds and the dragon

Once, there were three birds who shared the tallest tree in the forest; a sparrow, a jay and a cardinal. Though they lived in the same tree, these birds lived very different lives. Among the lowest branches, the sparrow struggled, seldom having enough to eat, and often settling for the leanest worms … Read more

Lead Generation in a Mobile World

lead generation in a mobile world

In the world of sales, there are two goals for your marketing plan: positive brand awareness and lead generation. Today’s internet-based society and mobile device usage has blended these two objectives into one overarching business conversation that needs to be navigated wisely to achieve the desired results. The New Landscape Online advertising … Read more

Website Duplicate Content – A Search Engine’s View

by Maura Stouffer Duplicate Content Detection, the process of detecting and scoring the correlation between two or more documents on the Web, is one of the more complex problems that Search Engines solve. Webmasters tend to overlook this issue because of its complex nature. In this article, I will briefly discuss how … Read more

6 Reasons Why a Website Is Critical to Your Business

6 reasons why a website is critical to your business

by Jamie Kiley Since I’m a web designer, I have a tendency to think everyone understands that having a website is important. Every once in a while, I have to remind myself that some people just haven’t heard yet! We’re going to go back to the very beginning and explain. Here are … Read more

Tips For Raising Kids and a Home Based Business

Tips For Raising Kids and a Home Based Business

Working from home can be a blessing for many but there are many disadvantages also. Many people think that they can have a successful home based business while watching their kids at the same time. This can make for long and challenging days filled with many interruptions. Some days, they might play well … Read more

Freelancing a Path to Freedom & Happiness

Freelancing a Path to Freedom & Happiness

Setting up a freelance business is one of the best ways to put your skills to work in an environment completely under your control. Whether you start your own business as a part-time enterprise or as the primary way to make a living, it helps to know the steps to successfully launch … Read more

Marketing Ideas 101 Blog Carnival, March 3, 2013

Marketing Ideas 101 Blog Carnival

Welcome to the March 3, 2013 edition of the Marketing Ideas 101 blog carnival. This edition was originally scheduled for February 5, but.. well.. best laid plans and all. Thank you all for your submissions (over 50!) Here are the 14 finalists. Enjoy! Blogging & Social Media Jon Rhodes presents How To … Read more

Writing and Buying Articles: Is iWriter Right For You?

marketing ideas iWriter review

If you have a blog online, you need articles to ensure the success of your blog. If you want to make extra money online, then writing articles for other people is an excellent way to get money quickly. An online writing service called iWriter caters to both people wanting articles written and … Read more

Online Writing Made Short Work at iWriter

marketing ideas online writing

Your new website or blog needs content that is going to grab and keep your viewer’s attention. It also needs to appear as if it was written by a true professional. Let’s face it. We’re not all loquacious blog writers and sometimes, our written word may not offer our website what it … Read more

Marketing Ideas 101 Blog Carnival, December 18, 2012

Marketing Ideas 101 Blog Carnival

Welcome to the December 18, 2012 edition of the Marketing Ideas 101 Blog Carnival. Blogging Bill Smith presents Breaking The Barriers Of Language With WordPress Transposh posted at Captured Technology, saying, “Some websites have good content however, not all of them get high rankings because of the different languages that people use … Read more

Banned by Fiverr for Exposing Fiverr Scams

marketing ideas banned by fiverr

I’m continuing some consumer protection work covering Fiverr scams and the manner by which the popular Internet company continues to defend and support these scams. The initial portion of this post began as a response to a rather long thread in the WarriorForum and I’ve gone on to expound from there. Post … Read more

Quotable: Six Million Dollars Doesn’t Go As Far As It Used To

Marketing Ideas Blackboard Quotes Six Million Dollar Man

Accounting for inflation since 1974, building the Six Million Dollar Man would now cost $29,308,052. This says nothing about the rising costs of fuel, food and other necessities. Take the success of your small business seriously. The world needs you more than you know. ~ MarketingIdeas101.com