The Oldest Company in the World


Ever wondered what’s the oldest running company in the world? In business schools, students are taught that most businesses last only less than two decades. An American company only lasts 50 years in the last century, and just 15 years today. However, there are more than 21,000 Japanese companies that have surpassed … Read more

The Interesting History of Vitamix


Every time we would talk about blenders, Vitamix blenders will always come up in the conversation. It’s no argument that the majority of the blender owners would dream of having a Vitamix blender added to their kitchenware. Vitamix was able to cement its brand by promoting health and wellness for everyone; they … Read more

Tips for Hiring a Logo Designer


The logo is considered an essential part of the business since it is supposed to represent your brand to any consumers that don’t know anything about your products or services. With just looking at the company’s logo, many consumers would already judge if your business is good enough for them, which is … Read more

Sites to Find Free Logo Templates


Most designers would tell you that it is difficult to design a logo, and it is much harder for those without any experience of designing one. Its difficulty is not attributed to its creation, but for its purpose, as it serves as the most important part of a business. The logo is … Read more

Famous Logos in History


When people think about some of the most famous brands or companies in the world, the thing that will come first in their minds are the brands’ logos. The logo is the one that serves as the gateway for consumers to know the brand, and a striking and recognizable logo is often … Read more

How Famous Brands Work their Logos


A logo is a business entity, its front door, first impression, and a greeting to its customer. For some, good logos define a brand, make them stand out, and separate them from the other competitors in the industry. As such, brands work hard and meticulously on designing their logo to ensure that … Read more

How To Make A Strong Brand?


Having a strong brand identity is vital for every business. Whichever industry or field you may be in, your image should outshine your competitors and entice your target consumer’s attention. However, be mindful that branding transcends choosing a slogan or creating a logo. Branding entails conveying the purpose, vision, and everything your … Read more