12 Famous Logos from the 1960s


A firm’s logo serves as a way for the public to associate its services or goods with the company. It’s a crucial part of a company’s branding. Without it, the public will be unable to distinguish between businesses and thus will be unable to demand a specific standard of quality from the … Read more

10 Most Iconic Combination Mark Logos


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Has the Hoover Logo Changed Over Time?


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A Leap for Success: The Iconic Jumping Jaguar Hood Ornament


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Top Toolset Brand Logos and What They Indicate

Top Toolset Brand Logos and What They Indicate

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Who Designed the Hollywood Sign?


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Easily Recognizable Italian Car Manufacturer Logos


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Automotive Manufacturer Logo Changes That Were Mistakes


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What is a lettermark type logo?


Choosing the correct type of logo is crucial in any organization or business venture. First, one should know the different types of logos. There are seven common symbols: lettermark, wordmark, combination, brandmark, emblem and mascot. What is logo? There are two main categories of a logo; one consists of the name or … Read more