What to Look for in a Web Design Company

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You have a website. Maybe it looks good, or maybe.. not so much. Maybe you’ve tried to get help fixing it, but your current webmaster seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth. At the very least, they have been ignoring your pleas for help. Here are nine signs it’s … Read more

Converting Prospects to Customers

Converting Prospects to Customers

Folks, a Lansing-based photographer specializing in wedding and event photography has given me permission to post this conundrum to you. First is his challenge. Next is the advice I gave him. Any other ideas or corrections? Enquiring minds want to know. The Photographer’s Challenge I had several contacts [leads generated by his … Read more

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

Speakers’ speaker, John Childers, talks about the three ways we represent ourselves when we speak publicly. The first way, he says, is to present ourselves as the Expert. This usually means we’ve been in our field for a while and we have amassed a body of knowledge and experience from which to … Read more

Eight Email Marketing Sins Sure to Shorten Your Mailing Lists

Eight Email Marketing Sins Sure to Shorten Your Mailing Lists

You’re about to hit ‘Send’ on your latest brilliant email solicitation. You want everyone on your mailing list to sign up for your “highly anticipated” workshop, buy your “amazing, not-available-in-stores” product and subscribe to your wonderful “breakthrough” service. You know it’s exactly what your audience needs to make their lives complete in … Read more

Google Is Not the Only Holy Grail When Promoting Websites

Google Is Not the Only Holy Grail When Promoting Websites

Scenario: A company launches a website and quickly determines no one is visiting. Wasn’t building that pretty website enough to create throngs of customers beating down the doors? Enter the small business owner’s foray into the world of promoting their website. This is alien ground, to be sure. Most folks have a … Read more

The Slippery Slope of E-newsletter Marketing

So you’ve decided to produce a newsletter. Better yet, you’ve decided to make it an e-newsletter and send the whole thing electronically. Where to start? Consider this: When to say it? How often do you expect you’ll send out the newsletter? Keep in mind the frequency, the size, and the complexity of … Read more

Marketing Value

What Have You Done For Me Lately? While not all advertising we see, hear, taste, smell or feel makes us better people after the experience, all of it is felt at some level—if it can pierce through the marketing mayhem and reach into our spheres of awareness, that is. So how do … Read more

7 Offline Marketing Strategies

Offline Marketing Strategie

For many businesses, internet marketing takes the driving seat when it comes to attracting eyeballs. While consumers do spend a big portion of their time surfing the web these days and using mobile these days, it doesn’t mean having an online presence is the only way to reach them. The reality is, … Read more

What Is Enterprise SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be overwhelming especially when there are thousands of pages on your site. It’s kind of difficult to know where to start because of the constantly changing algorithms and aside from that, Google is also regularly moving its goalposts. If this is an issue that your company … Read more

Snapchat Marketing: Connecting Businesses with Millennials

Connecting Businesses with Millennial

Introduction Snapchat is considered a great platform for businesses to connect a youthful target consumer audience. Better known for its disappearing or ‘snap’ messages, Snapchat attracts a large number of young people who share images and videos to let others know about their daily activities as they happen. Many entrepreneurs either don’t … Read more

Classic Online Marketing Methods Still Used Today

Marketing Methods

Not every technique for marketing your website is the latest, greatest thing. Some marketing methods have stood the test of time even if they have evolved too. Mailing lists are still useful because people do still open their email. Adding comments on a peer’s blog is also a good way to add … Read more

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Most people believe that for a business to be successful, a great amount of money should be spent especially when it comes to marketing. While it can be true, it doesn’t mean that small businesses with a small budget don’t have a chance. If you don’t have much money to spend on … Read more

Proper Insurance Can Help Your Brand or Small Business Marketing

Proper Insurance Can Help Your Brand or Small Business Marketing

A fascinating new study on shifting customer insurance demands in the digital age from Accenture looked at over 33,000 insurance customers in 18 different markets, in order to identify the latest trends and types of customers. Since we’re talking business insurance here, let’s assume that extrapolating the findings of the survey to … Read more

Growing Use of Robots in Marketing

Growing Use of Robots in Marketing

1111Perhaps humanity is still far from applying the Voight-Kampff tests (a la Blade Runner) to distinguish between an android and a human being, but it is a fact that robots are a part of our lives now. For many, the presence of robots goes unnoticed; however, right now a software-driven robot (better … Read more

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Have you ever sat down to think about who manages the emails you received that are advertising products sold and services offered by a business close to you? The emails also usually somehow have an idea of what type of products you might need or be interested in. There definitely isn’t someone … Read more

Which fictional salesperson are you?

which fictional salesperson are you?

Sales isn’t an easy job. No matter the product, persuading someone to buy is never easy. Furthermore, while there are some established best practices, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to sales. Much of sales is trial and error, testing things to see what works for you – the best … Read more

Ten Smart Effective Uses for Twitter

Ten Smart Effective Uses for Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in this generation. People usually use it to post their thoughts and photos, share links of other websites, and to participate in certain discussions as well. We are certainly aware of news being made on Twitter with the like of … Read more

Infographic: Ways to Prospect More Effectively

infographic header prospect more effectively

Sales play a crucial role in bringing in cash flow into the business. A business cannot sustain its daily operation without it, and without it, a business would eventually fail. One of its most important and initial steps is called “prospecting” – the process of qualifying the leads who has demonstrated the … Read more

Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Insurance Companies

marketing strategies for insurance companies

Having an incredible marketing campaign can go a long way in determining your company’s future. It’s crucial to know what your marketing goals are and how to achieve them. A great marketing strategy will definitely help you improve and expand your business to reaches that are usually far beyond your grasp. But … Read more

Infographic: SEO Why Your Business Needs it NOW?

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In today’s digital age, having a strong presence on the web is a crucial component for many businesses that operates both on and offline. Though the proliferation of new digital platforms like social media, smartphones, and mobile apps have made the competition stiffer, it also allowed many brands, especially the small ventures, … Read more

Infographic: Strategic Digital Marketing Guide for SMB

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Digital marketing can be a daunting concept for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). After all, it involves a lot of intricacies that may be too overwhelming for a SMB owner to understand right away. Thus, it is set aside to favor a more classic or known traditional marketing process. However, digital marketing … Read more

3 Ways to Create A Successful Video Campaign

video campaign

It’s hard to go onto any website these days without seeing a video. Whether it’s a funny video on social media, a clip from your favorite show or a campaign advertisement, they seem to be everywhere. But why are we surprised? With the space for written, audio and visual content, videos provide … Read more

Increase Your Blog’s Traffic in 7 Ways

increase blog traffic ideas

By now, maybe you already have your own blog, and you also know that blogging is a valuable pursuit. According to Hubspot, companies that have blogs get 97% more inbound links. As for your blog, you may be thinking, what if no one visits my blog? How am I going to generate … Read more

3 Case Studies that Highlight the Success of Using Content Marketing

content marketing ideas

Content marketing has become one of the most effective strategies for brands to publicize themselves. More than 75 percent of marketers see content marketing as a priority, with 77 percent of B2C marketers and 76 percent of B2B marketers planning to increase their content marketing strategy in 2016, according to a Contently … Read more

Infographic: Top Tips to Make Videos Viral

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Can You Really Plan for a Video to Go Viral? The most straightforward answer to the question that this headline title poses is no, however, you can certainly put a strategic plan in place that will give your video content the best chance possible of going viral. While the many ‘cat videos’ … Read more

5 Tips for Non-Profits to Master SEO

nonprofit seo

  There are many reasons why non-profits have a great opportunity in digital marketing channels. The competition is low, their brands are authoritative and private companies love to be linked to them to improve their PR and brand recognition. One of the online channels with great opportunities for non-profits is Search Engine … Read more

Infographic: Ecommerce Checklist

infographic ecommerce checklist header

Ecommerce is heading towards becoming a trillion-dollar industry and shows no signs of slowing down. Shopping online should be an easy experience for customers and if not they are likely to simply abandon the cart before even filling out their details. Getting the conversions can be a tricky business so we at … Read more

Infographic: In-Store Retail Apps Are Heating Up

infographic in store retail header

The last decade has seen a huge change in the landscape of retail worldwide. E-commerce websites have become pretty much ubiquitous and many consumers source most of what they need online. This shift in consumer behavior has been heavily influenced by the improvement in technology in terms of computers but most especially … Read more