Podcast vs. Blog: What is Right for Your Business?

Podcast vs. Blog: What is Right for Your Business?

When it comes down to marketing, business owners who want to establish an online presence must make several difficult decisions. One of these decisions is whether to start a blog or a podcast to supplement their content. Follow the basic steps as shown in pic for an effective digital marketing. Podcasts and … Read more

The Need for Startups to Invest in Marketing

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A startup is a new company made by one or more entrepreneurs to introduce a unique service or product to the market. It is a ground company that often faces the challenge of attracting potential investors. Though a lot of startups fail, history’s most famous entrepreneurs created startups like Microsoft, Netflix, Ford … Read more

How to Grow a Facebook Group

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Facebook groups are a place where people can gather together to discuss a common interest such as a cause, an issue, or an activity. However, they are not the same as Facebook pages made to serve as the company’s official Facebook presence. For example, suppose that you are a fan of BBC … Read more

Tips for Effective Video Marketing

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Have you ever wondered why some businesses are so successful? The key is simple – effective marketing strategy. People all around the world use this method to attract customers.  In simple words, video marketing is the use of videos to market or promote a brand, service, or product. It is a more … Read more

A Guide to Pinterest Advertising

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Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms that came into being 12 years ago (as of 2021), featuring a format of shareable pins. The creators summarize Pinterest as a catalog of ideas that inspire people. When we think about Pinterest, what comes to our mind is image-based social media in … Read more

Difference between Google ads and Google Adsense

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If you have set out in the world of marketing, you have probably come across the advertising opportunities by Google. As one of the big digital advertising platforms, Google accounts for 37.2% of total ad spending alone in the US.  Google mainly features two platforms, Google Ads and Google Adsense, for generating … Read more

Benefits of Using Videos in Email Marketing

Email platforms are effective marketing tools for virtually every business. There are several ways to improve your content for a boost in performance metrics. One way for this is by adding videos to your emails. Video email marketing lets you market your services better: it increases brand awareness to conversion and click-through … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is on the rise. Customer behavior especially on social media platforms nowadays is mostly driven by influencer marketing. Today, it has become a core marketing strategy that has made millions for brands and companies. Experts suggest that it will only increase with time.  However, when it comes to running an influencer … Read more

Tips to Develop a Niche Marketing Strategy


Developing a niche marketing strategy is important if you are just starting your business. Instead of going broad, you should focus on your niche that will help your business to grow. If you are planning to go broad, you will have to think about all types of customers. However, if you are … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Product Launch

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A product launch is an exciting and fun way to release a new product, as it may come in the form of an event that organizes games, competitions, or raffles that customers can join in. However, a product launch is not just full of happiness and enjoyment, as there is a lot … Read more

Tips For Creating Controversial Marketing Campaigns

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Using controversy as marketing may sound risky, but it converts well when you execute your strategy right. As controversial marketing can ruin your brand reputation, it is essential to know the dos and don’ts for a successful campaign. Hence, here are some tips on how to start a marketing campaign that is … Read more

Tips to Grow Brand Awareness Through Social Media

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Tips for brand awareness through social media might feel a bit retro right now. However, the truth is that many brands struggle to stand out.  With more than 3 billion expected consumers of social media in 2021 and Sprout’s 2018 Social Index highlighting brand awareness as a top marketing priority, the struggle … Read more