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Why Write for Marketing Ideas 101?

So, you’re interested in providing a guest post, eh? There are several reasons you may like to write for Marketing Ideas 101:

  • All authors are given full credit for their work, including a link back to their site.
  • Get your work published to our subscribed readers.
  • Get backlinks to your own website from our authority site.
  • Have your articles appear in the search results.

What Makes a Great Guest Post?

I am only interested in working with authors who have experience working in the marketing industry (online or off) and know intimately what they’re talking about. Ideally, I am looking for marketing tutorials, researched posts or discussions on marketing-related topics (e.g. strategies, current issues, tips, tricks, best practices, worst ideas, etc.)

Guest Post Ground Rules

  1. Your blog should be at least 2 months old.
  2. 800-3000 words. 800 minimum.
  3. Your submission should be relevant to the small business owner, non-profit director, work-at-home, and entrepreneur. I won’t include posts outside the following topics:
  • Great Marketing Ideas
  • Blogging & Social Media
  • SEO & Driving Traffic
  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Really Awful Marketing Mistakes
  • Creativity & Inspiration
  1. NO PLAGIARIZED or PARAPHRASED submissions please. If I smell a rat, I check with Copyscape and Google. Any work that doesn’t follow this rule won’t be included. Articles must be unique. Make it original, never-before-posted content. Additionally, your article cannot be re-published elsewhere later. In summary, original content ONLY, please.
  2. Include a resource box with a short bio paragraph and link back to your site.
  3. Articles may be edited. Please don’t be offended if I suggest changes, fix grammar, add links etc. No major changes will be made without your approval, however. It’s still your post.
  4. I reserve the right to reject your submission without reason or notice.

When Submitting an Infographic

If you have a brilliant, marketing-related infographic to share, you may have an opportunity to post it on Marketing Ideas 101. With your submission, please send an ORIGINAL, never-before-printed summary of the graphic and your backlink. Aim for 300 words, MINIMUM.

P.S. – These rules can change without notice.

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