Good News Stories That Will Build Your Brand

The key to having a successful and sustainable business is to build a brand that consumers know and trust, but just how do you do that? Certain elements have to be in place: you must have a great product or service that answers a real need from consumers or other businesses; you must be passionate about what you do and convey that on social media and other communication channels; you must have an effective marketing strategy, so that your message can be heard. Another way to boost your brand is through the dissemination of good news stories, so if you’re not sure what this means, take a look below.

Share the News of Great Reviews

People today can often be quick to spread bad impressions of a product or service, and thanks to the prevalence of social media, a bad review can reach far more people than it would have just a few years ago. On the other hand, it can seem that good news doesn’t have the same reach, but it’s up to you to change that. When you get a truly exceptional review make sure that you post it on all your social media platforms, and you can even write a short blog post about it for your website. If this is done judiciously, it can rapidly build trust in your brand, and it shows consumers that you passionately believe in your product.

Spread the Green Message

Politicians have long known how popular taking an environmentally friendly stance can be; Senator Mike Crapo, for example, has  become renowned for his commitment to the work of the Environmental Protection Agency, in opposition to many other Republican senators. Increasingly, members of the public are concerned about the effects of man-made climate change and other environmental issues, so if you can demonstrate that your business shares these concerns and is taking affirmative action, it can prove hugely popular. Ways to do this include using recyclable material and cutting down on single use plastics.

Celebrity Endorsements

For good or bad, we live in a celebrity age, so if a celebrity endorses your brand or your products it can provide a real boost for your sales. If a celebrity is pictured with your product, or comments on it, you should make it a priority to share this news as widely as possible. Many companies now take this a step further, and pay Instagram influencers to use and promote their products. These are people who have a large and engaged following on the platform, and whilst they may not be A-list celebrities in their own right, their endorsement can still make a positive difference to your bottom line.

Great reviews, celebrity or influencer endorsements and having green credentials are all sure to go down well with customers and potential customers, but it’s up to you to let them know all about it. Social media is the most immediate way to do this, and often the most cost effective too, but don’t forget that for maximum impact, your posts and tweets should be informative and relevant, yet entertaining as well. Sharing the good news could take your brand to the next level.