Three Simple Yet Effective Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Today, branding is really important for businesses. With competition fiercer than ever in many industries and customers increasingly looking for brands that go the extra mile and connect with them on a personal basis, it’s vital to put a lot of work into your branding efforts in order to reap the benefits. One of the main things that you will need to focus on when coming up with your brand is how you stand out from the crowd and separate yourself from your competition. We’ve come up with some fun ideas that you might like to use.

Tip #1. Be Consistent

One of the main features of brands that stand out from the crowd today is that they are always consistent. Whether it’s the logo, brand colors, brand naming, or even the online brand voice, it’s easy to instantly tell from the customer’s point of view which brand is being advertised or whose website they have landed on. Consistency is absolutely key when it comes to successful branding, so whether you’ve chosen a quirky brand logo or played it safe with something more mainstream, be sure to design your website, social media pages, blog, and even e-commerce stores and other online presence in such a way that it’s instantly recognizable as your brand. Shea Design can help you come up with a consistent, stand-out brand design.

Tip #2. Use Novelty Items

Customers always love to get something for free, so why not consider having some branded novelty items made to send to customers as free gifts when they purchase from your company?Items such as branded pens have long been a favorite, but if you really want to stand out you could come up with less common ideas for items that your customers will find useful such as branded fridge magnets, logo stickers, drinking mugs, or even stress balls! These items are usually easy to source at reasonable prices, but the ROI is huge in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tip #3. Support a Great Cause

Today, customers are looking for brands who don’t only sell great products and/or services, but also share their own values and opinions when it comes to global issues. Getting behind a great cause that is close to the hearts of many in your target market is an awesome way to set your brand apart from the rest and your company can expect some good karma in return for doing your bit to help others. Whether you decide to help people in poverty and tough situations, work towards saving the planet and slowing down global warming or raise money to help the plight of animals around the world, this is a fantastic and hugely rewarding way to connect with your customers.

With so many different brands competing in the market today, you really need to be head and shoulders above the rest in order for your target market to stand up and take notice. Would you like to add any of your own ideas for standing out to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.