Marketing Idea #89: Collect Testimonials

Marketing Ideas Collect Testimonials

Collect testimonials from your best clients as a regular part of your follow-up survey process. Make sure you tell them you’ll be using all or part of their testimonials in your ongoing marketing efforts. Then, incorporate the best testimonials into every touch you have with your clients, such as invoices and marketing collateral (newsletters, ads, and so on). Remember: If you say it about you, it’s bragging; if someone else says it about you, it’s true.

Tip: Do you have a stellar client who would love to write you a testimonial but is always extremely busy? Offer to write it for her, and tell her if she approves, she may simply sign off on it. This allows you to mention the important stuff. The best testimonials state:

  • the problem the client was having,
  • why the client chose you,
  • what you did for the client, and
  • why others should choose you.

Below is a link to a form you can download and revise to help you collect testimonials from your customers. Enjoy!

» Click Here To Download The Testimonial Form «


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  1. says

    Good ideas. I have found that clients will agree to write testimonials, then not get around to it. So I call and ask if it would be okay for me to write a draft for their approval. They always say “yes.” I ask a couple of questions, write the draft, and they have always approved it. My best testimonials are the ones that I write for clients!

    • says

      Thanks, Jack. This works for book reviews as well. When you approach an industry leader, expert or guru in hopes of getting a book review, you want to offer to write the book review form them if they’re busy. They can then suggest any revisions and bless the review. Their name gets out there one more time and you gain the added credibility that comes with having their name on your work. Everyone wins!

  2. Gina says

    Great article on ways to collect testimonials! It’s always great to showcase the things that your customers say in order to show new customers what your business is all about. Boast recognized this and created a weekly guide for businesses to follow in order to create a successful testimonial campaign. Check it out!

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