Marketing Ideas #59-66: Event-Goers Love Attention to Detail

Marketing Ideas Event Attention to Detail

Don’t skimp on the small stuff when you’re producing an event. People will always expect certain things, and if they’ve paid to be there, they have a right to expect those things.

#59: If you have an event or seminar, provide beverages, a coat rack or coat check, and snacks.

#60: Validate parking if free parking isn’t available. If you can’t validate parking, work out an arrangement with your venue to include parking in the price of admission.

#61: If parking is still an issue, offer a shuttle service to and from the event.

#62: Make it easy for people to register; offer online registration from your website. This method should collect their contact information, accept and process credit cards, and send attendees their confirmation automatically. (There are services available for accomplishing this if you’re not sure how to do it yourself.)

#63: Make sure the bathrooms are clean and tended to regularly.

#64: Ensure there are enough trash receptacles and that they are emptied periodically (before they’re overflowing).

#65: Work with your local chamber of commerce, business associations, and networking organizations to promote your event to their members.

#66: Offer meals during an all-day event. This serves two purposes. First, you’ll have less stragglers wandering back in from lunch after the event has picked back up. Second, by giving attendees a reason to sit at their table, they network with each other over lunch, bonding with each other (and your brand) in the process.

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  1. Alana Price says

    Yes, things like this can make an all-day event so much better for people who might not exactly be ardently looking forward to it, although I’m sure all of your events are fascinating 😉 Walking into a venue and seeing coffee makes you automatically more receptive to ideas and influence I swear!

    Lastly, give your attendees something to take home with them besides your killer info, brochures, pens, promotional usb drives, water bottles, a pony, anything!

    • says

      A pony! Why didn’t ~I~ think of that!?

      I like your idea on providing promotional items and giveaways. While some folks may disagree (see Rebuttal: Free Samples ) I think the right giveaway—if it’s remarkable—can have a great impact for the right audience. Sure, there’s the usual pens and water bottles; these items will carry your logo around for years if they’re made properly. What’s great about USB drives  is that you can store the entire breadth of seminar materials on them so, not only do you deliver your logo in a nice, easy-to-carry format, but you provide your audience with the function of extra diskspace-on-demand, and a snapshot of their event experience. Brilliant.

      Thank you for your comment!

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