Items That Make Great Office Raffle Prizes

Office parties, particularly during the Christmas season, are quite popular in many companies around the world, as it is a way for the executives of the company to give back to their hardworking employees that bring most of the success of the establishment. For those that are going to hold their first office party, it can be pretty difficult to think of the prizes that they will give to their employees for winning a party game or a raffle. To help you and your company have ideas on what to give as raffle prizes for employees, we are here to give you a list of great office party prizes, which includes objects that they can use in the office or just enjoy at any time of the day.

Baskets or Boxes of Candies

Who doesn’t like chocolates or candies? These sweet delicacies are perfect as consolation or even grand prizes for office parties because they can be enjoyed by almost anybody. Many candy stores allow you to buy boxes or baskets of candies for wholesale, which means that you can buy them at a discounted price. You can leave the packaging of the candies as they are, or you can customize them by putting them in baskets that have your company’s name on it.

Gift Cards or Certificates

Another common raffle prizes given at company parties are gift cards, which can be used as money for various establishments, including specialty stores, spas, salons, and more. Of course, a gift card with a store’s name on it can only be used in that specific store, so the person can only appreciate the prize if he or she buys from that store. However, you can get gift cards from stores that sell items like grocery stores in order for all the employees that will win it to appreciate the prize even more.

Money Envelopes

Money envelopes are given by companies as prizes if the executives or the HR team can’t actually think of any other raffle prizes to give to the employees. Despite it’s rather “effortless” look, most employees like receiving money envelopes more than any other prizes since they can actually use the money to buy things that they need or want.

Movie or Concert Tickets

The best way for most employees to spend their rest days or day-offs is by going to a concert or watching a movie in theaters, so you can treat them to free concerts or movies by giving them tickets as raffle prizes. Getting tickets to concerts or movies can be pretty easy, as you can purchase them online. However, make sure that the dates of the tickets you are buying are at least one month ahead of the date of the party itself so that they won’t expire.

enjoying a relaxing coffee break after work

Hotel Accommodations

Much like going to concerts or cinemas, staying at a hotel is a good way for employees to relax and unwind after stressful days, weeks, and months of work, and you reward them for their dedication to their job by making their hotel stays free, which is possible by giving out accommodations to some of the best hotels in the country. These accommodations can last from one day up to one week, depending on your budget. In addition, you can also add a spa package to the accommodation so that they can enjoy a good massage and sauna at the hotel.

Paid Day-Offs

Another prize that most employees can appreciate, paid day-offs can be used by the winning employee to extend his or her vacation leaves. By giving paid day-offs, you will keep your employees happy and relaxed by allowing them to spend more days with their family without thinking about not getting paid for their day-offs.

Home Appliances

The most useful raffle prizes that you can give to your employees are home appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and even television sets. Of course, these home appliances can be quite pricey as raffle prizes, but if you feel like your employees deserve a big prize during their office party, then you can give them these beneficial items for home use.


Besides home appliances, another pricey prize that you can provide at office parties are gadgets like smartphones and smartwatches. Almost all people today use smartphones, so most of your employees will surely appreciate getting a new phone as an upgrade from their new ones. You really don’t have to buy the most expensive phones out there as your raffle prize, as you would only need to purchase the ones that are fast, reliable, and have good reviews online.

And there are just eight of the best office raffle prizes that you can provide for your company’s party. The prizes you get for the part don’t have to expensive since your employees will surely be happy with any prize as long as you are sincere in giving the prizes to them.