Reasons to Know Your Brand Archetype

Knowing your company’s brand archetype is important, as it would actually give your company a sense of identity that will allow it to flourish in the industry that it belongs in. Moreover, knowing the company’s brand archetype also has plenty of benefits in the different aspects of the business, and these aspects include the structure of the company, the morale of the employees, and the goals of the brand. So, what are brand archetypes? To know more about them and the benefits of sticking to one archetype, here are several reasons why you should know your company’s brand archetype.

Gives Your Company an Identity and a Story

As mentioned above, picking one brand archetype out of 12 existing choices is important for the company to have an identity, as you will be able to understand if the company is “The Innocent” (focusing on optimism and happiness) or “The Hero” (focusing on courageousness and inspiration). Knowing your brand archetype allows you to control the appearance and the theme of the ads you put out for selling your products. For example, the Nike brand is considered as “The Hero” because of its ads that are focused on giving inspiration and courage to athletes to perform at their best and “just do it.”

Furthermore, the identity that your company gets from sticking to one archetype would also enable it to have a story that connects to the people. Most consumers like companies that have stories behind them, like how the companies were founded and what goals they have in creating in the business. By getting your company’s story through brand archetypes, the brand will attract more consumers.

Produce Connections with Employees and Customers

Sticking to one brand archetype allows you to have deeper connections to employees and customers. How will an archetype help in building connections? Let us imagine your company as a person, and the type of friend that he is is determined by his brand archetype. So, if he is “The Innocent,” he will have a personality that is friendlier, happier, and quite fun to be with. That is how you build connections with brand archetypes, as it allows the identity of the company to connect with the identity or personalities of the employees and the consumers.

Employees will most likely be more motivated to work for your company if they can connect with it, like being able to relate to the goals and missions of the brand, and this allows them to get some motivation to help the company thrive. As for consumers, the connection lies in how they can relate to the theme of the brand itself. If the brand has a friendlier vibe to it, the consumers that feel like they want to seek comfort from the friendliness of the store’s atmosphere or the overall aesthetics of an ad will lean towards your brand more than others.

different identities or archetypes

Improves Brand Loyalty

Much like forming connections with consumers, having a brand archetype also encourages branch loyalty. To have a better understanding of this reason, let us take a look at the company called Apple. Most of their consumers are repeat buyers that previously bought older iPhones and liked the features of the latest iPhones. However, the tech specs of the new phone are now the only aspect of the product that they want, as they also want to have the image and the wow factor of the iPhone that they can show to friends or family members. As such, Apple is able to create a loyal fanbase because they stick to one brand archetype, which is speculated to be “The Magician” (focuses on making dreams a reality and creating special items).

Sticking to one brand archetype creates brand loyalty since consumers will be familiar with the products that you are selling, even if those are brand new. This sense of familiarity will keep them coming back for more, thus forming loyalty for the brand.

Encourages Product Development

Product development is easier when you have only one brand archetype, as it allows the design team to only focus on one theme that reflects the essence and identity of the company’s archetype. An example we could give is all the models of Apple’s iPhone that has a simple design but is packed with plenty of features.

Your company can also follow Apple’s method of designing their products, which is to follow a specific design theme that is related to their brand archetype. However, you may also diversify the designs of your products by not sticking to a single brand archetype, but a different design choice may alienate consumers since they will lose the sense of familiarity with your brand. It is actually safer to stick to a single design theme to keep the identity of your brand.

Those are the four biggest reasons as to why you would need to know your company’s brand archetype, which is important for the company to be more successful. Having an identity is essential for a brand, as it will enable the company to stand out more in the often oversaturated business industry.