Are Business Cards Even Still Relevant?

Way back then, business cards were the only way to exchange contacts and information during a networking event. 

But now that we have smartphones, video calls, mobile apps, LinkedIn, and other online and digital alternatives of keeping track of contacts and displaying your brand, are business cards even still essential and relevant? Or are they now retro, or just a waste of paper?

It turns out that business cards are still as relevant as they have been in the past. In fact, by taking advantage of the latest trends and technology, today’s business cards have innovated as brands have been exploring various ways to impress potential clients and set their business apart.

The following factors explain why business cards still matter in the high tech-driven 21st century as they did in the past.

business card
Business Communication Company Entrepreneur Concept

With business cards, someone might be likely to remember to connect with you further

Imagine you just had a meeting with a potential client, and it went pretty well. But you chose not to leave a business card. While the meeting might have gone great, and you might have exchanged contact details and other information, it’s possible that the meeting may slip from the potential client’s memory. Because our busy lives and crammed inboxes, things may get lost or forgotten so easily.

But if you leave a business card, that client might be likely to remember to establish a further connection with you. Giving clients and business partners something tangible to remember you by has value. Therefore, a business card serves as a perfect item to leave behind to keep them remembering you and provide a solid foundation for more businesses in the future. Moreover, a business card ensures that someone will always have your contact information ready.

exchanging business cards
Man giving business card on blurred background

Business cards can give you a trustworthy, professional image

There’s a saying that “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in business, appearances do matter – not just sometimes, but almost all the time. There’s a reason why you see many salespeople dress professionally or real estate agents drive a fancy car. Clients will find it easier to trust someone who appears successful and professional. Business cards are another way to give you a professional image and build trust with clients.

According to a survey conducted by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 57% of businesspeople claim that having a business card is essential to their business, while 72% of people judge a company by the quality of their business cards, and 39% of people say that they would refuse to do business with someone who offers a cheap-looking business card. With quality materials and the right design and construction, you can create a big first impression that your clients will never forget.

four business cards
Set of 3.5″ x 2″ Business Card Mockup. Vector illustration.

Business cards also serve as marketing tools

Marketing your business and promoting your brand used to cost a lot – spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on traditional marketing media such as radio, television, and print. But with the presence of the Internet and social media nowadays, you can market your business even without spending a single cent. 

Still, it definitely pays to spend some for your business, and if you want to shell out for your marketing campaign, a business card is a great way to market your business for a great price. Business cards are more than making a good first impression and providing contact information to potential clients. Gone are the days of cheap and flimsy business cards that all looked practically the same. Nowadays, business card designs have come a long way, giving you more design options than ever before.

In this regard, design and quality are of utmost importance. Not only should a business card contain all the important information, but it should also be eye-catching and highlight your brand.

We have seen so many companies get super creative with their business cards, customizing them to double as appointment cards, discount cards, promo cards, and so much more. 

business cards templates
dark simple business card template vector design illustration

Innovative business cards

Business cards have become more innovative than ever. Aside from the traditional paper-based materials, more business cards nowadays are printed in plastic, giving you more design options.

Business cards have definitely gone beyond the boring embossed black ink on cardstock type. Some business cards take different shapes and forms that catch the potential clientele’s imagination and fancy. Others have a touch of whimsy, fun, cleverness, and humor.

With the following examples, you’d definitely want your own business card that people will love to put in their pockets!

Some examples of good business card designs and types:

Custom shape (template)

leaf-shaped business card
Business card design. Design is available in EPS10 file format and high quality JPEG file.

business cards in mug

Wooden business card

wooden business card

Metallic elements (template)

black and gold business cards
abstract black and golden business card design

Business card size CD

business size cd

NFC business cards

phone and card
Hand shoot, use credit/debit card for online payment

Business card innovation takes a step further as the latest form of business card features near-field communication (NFC) technology. With an NFC business card, you can transfer your contact details and other important information – social networks, website, or even directions to your business –  straight to your client’s smartphone with just a quick tap.

We can see that business cards have come a long way and even benefit from the latest technology. So we can say that, at the very least, business cards are still an effective and essential tool to impress your customers, set you and your brand apart, and provide information to clients in the way that suits them best.