Benefits of Using Videos in Email Marketing

Email platforms are effective marketing tools for virtually every business. There are several ways to improve your content for a boost in performance metrics. One way for this is by adding videos to your emails.

Video email marketing lets you market your services better: it increases brand awareness to conversion and click-through rates. Yet, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s Report of 2017, on B2B Content Marketing, only 60% of B2B marketers have used videos. Perhaps, not everyone is aware of how it can change your marketing game. Hence, let us have a look at the benefits of using videos in email marketing! 

  • Increases Conversion and Click-Through Rates

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Conversion rates refer to the percentage of people that comply with your call of action ranging from purchasing products to filling in surveys and more. It is no secret that a great subject line and call-to-action can result in high conversion rates. They do so by impacting your click-through rates. 

If you have any doubts, squash them by sparing a moment to consider the stats below: 

  • Video email marketing increases click-through rates by up to 300%.
  • Videos can reduce your unsubscribe rate by 75%.
  • Emails with videos have a 96% higher click-through rate against ones with none. 
  • Increases Email Open Rates

Image of a hand-clicking-on-a-mouse.

People often end up confusing click-through and email-open rates. Click-through rate means people that click on the links your email provides for a call to action. On the contrary, the email-open rates refer to people that open your email. 

Even the word video is enough to boost this rate by 19%. It is because people are naturally curious. Videos can pique the interest. 

  • Adds a Human Touch To Your Brand

Picture of a camera filming a man

Consumers today are more inclined towards businesses that connect with them. It is hard with several faces behind the curtain. One way to connect is by marketing through social media or emails. The latter helps more as it opens a two-way dialogue with your target audience. However, you may add videos to make it more personal. Using one voice or person adds a human touch. The audience feels they are buying from the person in the video and not just a robot sending automated emails. 

  • Brings More Social Shares 

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A virtual presence is vital to stay in the bowl of this hyper-connected world. Your marketing campaigns should ideally revolve around a website, brand pages on social media platforms, blogs, and emails. While most marketers do well in all, they may go silo with email marketing. Hence, emails tend to have lower social share rates. However, if you send highly engaging videos, it will bring shares there as well. Valuable video content attracts the recipients, encouraging shares.

  • Helps Build Credibility and Trust 

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As videos add a personality to your brand, your audience feels much more connected. You may use videos to establish trust and credibility by sharing business insight, tips, and exclusive content to cater to your customers. You may consider implementing the following three tips:

  • Have one voice or face to present your videos. With this, your audience will start to feel a connection with the brand. It also helps increase your brand awareness.
  • Market with creative but helpful content. Create content that brings value and knowledge to the target audience. It gives an idea of you serving them and a desire to act on your call of action. 
  • Be authentic with the positive and negative brand experiences. The key to building yourself is honesty with your customers. Instead of marketing lies about your products or invalidating customer experiences, be truthful and show them through videos. Let people respect you for being inclusive and credible! 


  • Boosts SEO

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Video email marketing may boost SEO indirectly because of its effect on social shares. Videos that are engaging generate 12 times more social shares than both text and images. This increased social engagement impacts SEO positively. 

Google does not directly respond to social media engagement but works with factors which social shares indirectly boost. However, for Bing, the social shares amplify your SEO game straight-up.

Links are essentially for SEO. We also recommend sharing these videos on Youtube and websites. These tactics as a whole increase your brand visibility. 

  • Makes You Unique


Standing out of a virtual crowd has always been difficult. Even experts struggle with staying on top of the latest trends for a competitive edge. Video inclusion in your emails is one way of working it out. 

Just think: how many brands sent you emails with videos? For some, the answer can even be never. Hence, it is time to buckle up and be the game-changer! 

Do not let go of this grand opportunity before every brand hops on the bandwagon. Make your marketing campaigns more engaging and compelling towards the call of action with videos.

  • Saves Time and Increases Engagement 

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People today hardly have time to go through a 15-minute read for your product or services. Everyone prefers a 2-minute video instead. 

Video email marketing saves the time of your target audience. It allows readers to go through all points to act upon your call of action. Videos can also go viral. Hence, they increase engagement and allow for effective marketing campaigns! 

The Bottomline

Video email marketing can amplify several metrics. It has multiple benefits for both the brand and consumers. However, make sure your content is unique and engaging. Be creative and create stellar video email marketing campaigns! 

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