Classic Online Marketing Methods Still Used Today

Not every technique for marketing your website is the latest, greatest thing. Some marketing methods have stood the test of time even if they have evolved too. Mailing lists are still useful because people do still open their email. Adding comments on a peer’s blog is also a good way to add value and indirectly introduce yourself at the same time. In some ways, everything old is new again.

Here are a few classic ways to market your site.

Mailing List

The mailing list has been a significant tool in the digital marketers’ arsenal for years now. While push notifications are becoming popular for accessing site visitors who’ve opted in for them, email still works pretty well. Some companies laid off email believing it was no longer a good solution when the average email opening rates fell. However, because of this, the volume of marketing emails has fallen and with fewer marketing emails arriving in inboxes, the open rates have actually risen with email marketing.

Not every mailing list provider is a good choice for companies or websites that wish to market successfully through this channel. Good choices include AWeber and GetResponse, which are both companies that understand marketers’ needs. For help setting up a mailing list on your site, the Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok can assist you with that.

Broken Link Building to Resource Pages

Broken link building is based on the idea that site A will have outbound links pointing to pages on site B which are no longer valid. Sometimes a redesign causes some pages to disappear and other times, the entire website is no longer live. The most popular place to find broken links is the resource page where websites provide a series of links to articles, buyer guides, and other useful content to their readers.

Services like Ahrefs offer broken link search functionality for individual websites to check whether they have any outbound links that don’t resolve to a live page on the internet. Alternatively, finding suitable sites to reach out to and offer an alternative page to replace the broken link with is a batched task that can be performed internally or outsourced.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has evolved over the years, but it’s still a popular way to get basic links. It also sometimes results in a guest post when the owner of the site recognizes some useful comments posted on a semi-regular basis and contacts you.

Where blog comments used to be outsourced abroad and written briefly by a non-native speaker simply saying that the post was useful (a comment that could apply to any post equally), these days this simply won’t work. A comment should be longer, useful to the readers, and add something beyond what’s already been said in the article.

If the marketing is done in a professional, non-spammy manner, it should be acceptable. The idea is to add value to the other person or website and not be all about your site. That way, you’re likely to get better results.