Creative or Unusual Ideas for Marketing Your Golf Course

Marketing a golf course can be pretty difficult in today’s era, as there are dozens of competitors out there that will make it hard for your business to stand out. However, there are a few creative and unusual ways for you to market your golf course in order for you to be different from the others, and these creative ideas won’t really hurt the reputation of your business. Here are some unusual golf course marketing ideas that you can try.

Create a Website

Although this is not really unusual today, creating a website is not actually in some golf course owners’ minds, as they believe that the age group of their customers are not into looking at the website of their favorite golf courses. However, without having a website, those golf courses are limiting their customer base to a particular age group, as they are not allowing their business to be exposed to the younger generation that is more tech-savvy and would usually know about businesses through the internet.

Because of the importance of the internet for some businesses to cater to younger customers, it is often recommended for them to have a website, and your golf course should have one too if you want to keep up with the trends. In addition to having a website, you may also need to assemble an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team to make your website stand out on Google and other search engines.

Have Social Media Pages and Promotions

Besides a website, social media pages are also essential in having a wider reach online. You can just set up a social media page on Facebook, but you can also create one for Twitter and Instagram, although the two social media platforms have fewer golfers using them.

Once you have created a social media page, you can set up a promotion where they can win free passes to your golf courses if they like your page and share the post that indicates the said giveaway. Through this promotion, you will be able to have more followers on your page while also extending your reach on the social media platform.

Host a Charity Game

Hosting a charity game allows your business to be more known to people outside your consumer base, as you will most likely be linking and collaborating with a non-profit organization in order to give the money you earned from the game to a local or international charity. Most golfers would usually participate in charity games even if they are not familiar with the golf course, as they wanted to help a little bit for the business’ cause. So, by making the charity game enjoyable for them, they may return to play some more on your golf course.

You can promote the charity game on your website and social media pages in order to reach more people, although most of the golfers that commonly participate in charity games are locals. To market the game locally, you can print our flyers and give them out in specific areas of your neighborhood.

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Create a Referral Program

A referral program is typically created by businesses to allow their customers to get freebies or discounts by referring their friends or family members from buying products or subscribe to a membership. You could create a referral program for your golf course wherein your customers will get discounted passes or membership fees if they recommended the business to their loved ones.

Most people would listen to the recommendations of their friends and family members rather than advertisements or reviews online, so creating a referral program would allow you to take advantage of those recommendations. Be sure to notify your customers about your referral program on social media or in an email newsletter.

Allows Schools to Have Trips on Your Golf Course

You can also get young golfers to play on your golf course by allowing schools to hold trips there. To make it more fun for the kids, you can also hire golfing instructors to teach them how to play golf, although some schools would hire those instructors on their own.

Besides golfing, you can also let the school hold other events on your golf course, like picnics, dance competitions, and even graduation ceremonies if the school doesn’t have an area where they can hold such a large event. However, this marketing idea can be quite expensive in terms of how you can maintain your golf course, as well as setting up areas to be more suitable for other events. But, schools would usually pay you for a rental fee, so you would actually make profits from school trips.

Give Free Stickers

Some companies would become popular through stickers, as they will be able to get free advertisement from people that would stick the stickers on their bags, notebooks, or other items that they frequently use. To understand how stickers can make a company popular, let us take a look at Apple, a company that usually gives out free stickers of their logo in the box of their products. These free stickers would often be placed on items, and once a person sees the logo, it would often be a conversation piece between the owner of the Apple product and the person that noticed the sticker. From there, the owner would tell the other person more about Apple and their products, thus enticing the person to buy Apple products as well.

You can also apply a similar strategy for your golf course, wherein you will give away free stickers of your company’s logo to customers or just anyone passing by the entrance. There is a chance that these people might not even place the sticker on their belongings, but it is guaranteed that there will be some that might actually bother to use the sticker.

Those are six of the most unusual and creative ways for you to market your golf course, although the effectiveness of these marketing strategies rely on your focused consumer base and the brand archetype that you have chosen. You can try a few of these unusual strategies and see if they are effective in expanding your reach, getting more customers, and receiving more profits.