Does It Help to Have a Celebrity Advertise Your Product?

Celebrity endorsements are becoming more popular in today’s era, as celebrities are actually effective in enticing their fans or even other people from buying the products they advertise. However, having celebrities to advertise your products does not always mean that you will have increase profits, as there are plenty of pros and cons to think about in regards to celebrity endorsements. Before you get a celebrity to endorse your product, you should first read the descriptions for every positives and drawback of having celebrity advertisements that we provided below. Also included in our guide are some tips on how to improve the pros and cons.


Whenever you think about celebrity endorsements, you would often always think about the positive of applying it to your product first. There are actually more pros to celebrity endorsements than cons, so having a celebrity endorse your product is good in hindsight. Here are some details on the several pros of celebrity endorsements.

Increases Exposure

Through celebrity endorsements, your product will be able to have more exposure in online ads and even billboard ads if you can afford to rent a billboard. Celebrities can attract their fans, followers, or any people that are familiar to them to test your product out, as most of them believe that a product is good if a celebrity is endorsing it. If many people are testing your product after seeing a particular celebrity endorse it, then you would have increased exposure for your product and for your business.

Improves Credibility

As mentioned before, people would think that your product is good if a celebrity is endorsing it, and this thinking would allow you to build credibility for your brand. Of course, if your product is not made with good quality materials, then buyers may even buy the product again, so you would need to make sure that your product is high quality before you hire a celebrity to endorse it. Even if your product is high quality, it is possible that it would not receive much exposure compared to your rivals or competitors that already have a following. By getting a celebrity to advertise your product, you will be able to emphasize the quality that your brand brings while also getting more exposure.

Revives Your Brand

If you are already having financial issues due to poor sales, then a celebrity endorsement might help revive your brand. Since celebrities would increase the exposure for your product, your brand may be able to rise and get more profits from a specific celebrity’s fans or followers, who will buy almost anything that their idols endorse or purchase. However, you would need to make sure that you still have the budget to get a celebrity to endorse your product, and if you are experiencing financial issues, a celebrity endorsement might be a gamble for you.

Opens New Markets for Your Brand

If you wanted to expand the product lineup for your brand, then getting a celebrity to advertise your new product is the best way to get exposure for your new market. For example, if you only sold scented candles and wanted to try selling incense sticks, you can hire a celebrity to endorse the incense sticks instead of the scented candles. Because of the endorsement, it enables your brand to get into a new market, thus further expanding your business.


Celebrity endorsements are not perfect, as there are also cons or drawbacks that you would need to think about before hiring a celebrity to advertise your product. Although there are only a few cons for celebrity endorsements, some of these cons can become detrimental for your business because of how they can heavily influence your consumers. Here are some details about the cons of celebrity endorsements.

Can be Expensive

Paying celebrities to endorse your product can be quite expensive, especially if the celebrity you are hiring is well-known or has a big name. If you are already struggling with your finances for your business, then getting a celebrity endorsement might not be the best option. Instead, you should just focus on advertising your product online through ads or social media posts.

Your Brand Can Be Affected by the Celebrity’s Image

celebrity endorsing a restaurant

Image is an important aspect for celebrities in the show business, as it would dictate how they are perceived by the masses. If a celebrity gets a bad image from recent scandals or personal issues, then the people would perceive them negatively. Furthermore, if that specific celebrity endorses any kind of product, then the brand that sells those products will also have a negative perception among consumers. As such, it is essential that you know the image of a celebrity that you are hiring to advertise your product, as it could also affect the image of your brand.

Celebrities Can Overshadow Your Product

If you are hiring an A-list celebrity for endorsements, people would often tend to focus more on the celebrity rather than your product, thus making the endorsement useless in most cases. In order to have a more effective celebrity endorsement, the product must not be overshadowed by the celebrity endorser, which is possible by making the product more memorable and getting a celebrity that is not too popular. Having a nice balance between the popularity of your product and the celebrity will create a more effective endorsement.

Those are the main pros and cons of celebrity endorsements, and by understanding each drawback and upside to the advertising technique and celebrities in advertising statistics, you will be able to judge whether celebrity endorsements is suitable for your product or not.