What Is Enterprise SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be overwhelming especially when there are thousands of pages on your site. It’s kind of difficult to know where to start because of the constantly changing algorithms and aside from that, Google is also regularly moving its goalposts. If this is an issue that your company or brand is facing, then Enterprise SEO might help you.

What Is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is a set of SEO processes for web content creation that deals with huge companies which own thousands of web pages. It is a strategic approach founded on a brand’s goals as a business, a website’s unique position within the landscape of Google search, and as well as the larger context of Google’s current capabilities and evolutionary trajectory.

Enterprise SEO avoids the common drawbacks of conventional SEO programs. It allows a brand to dominate an entire business category to reach customers at all stages of the customer journey through organic search. When an Enterprise SEO program is well-executed, it will also protect a brand’s existing search footprint alongside fluctuations in Google’s algorithm. Aside from that, it also builds a foundation for an effective response in the event of a future reputation crisis.

Advantages of Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO has a broad and holistic application, therefore, it can deliver value to your business in a lot of ways. If you’re wondering whether your company needs Enterprise SEO, here are some of the things it can do for your brand.

  • It can dominate a keyword vertical.

The main advantage you can get from an enterprise-level SEO program is that presents a brand to searchers at every stage of the customer journey. This helps establish the brand as a familiar and trusted source for consumers. Most of the time, SEO efforts are focused on product and category pages that directly drive revenue, however, that can neglect opportunities to build trust with potential customers, leaving the door open for competitors to do so. That can also leave a brand vulnerable to reputation issues like bad reviews, giving consumers second thoughts when making purchase decisions.

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But Enterprise SEO can offer both a holistic approach to on-page optimization and as well as content creation paired with the ability to perform highly targeted influencer outreach that can greatly impact the most profitable pages and the most competitive keyword terms.

  • It can protect your brand.

Brand searches can have mixed results which can be from web properties owned by the brand and by third parties such as reviews and news articles. In today’s era, even a nuanced article that has a misleading headline can affect how people think about a brand. With this, owned properties and preferred contents from other sites are crucial to control the message people receive about you and to protect the brand equity against an unforeseen crisis.

What Enterprise SEO does is it proactively fills out this portion of your digital footprint to be able to control as many variables as possible in the branded search landscape. It also positions you to alleviate sales losses and quickly recover in the event of a crisis.

  • It can maximize content effectiveness.

There are two most common issues as to why top-of-funnel content often ranks poorly. One is the failure to keyword target, and the other one is misalignment between content and search intent. But Enterprise SEO can solve both of these issues without sacrificing the integrity or voice of the brand.

That is because a team of Enterprise SEO can either help a brand in developing new content production workflow or seamlessly add keyword targeting and optimization guidance to an existing content planning process.

  • It can enhance your other marketing efforts.

Enterprise SEO requires buy-in and incorporation across different teams such as PR, marketing, branding, web development, and paid search to be able to maximize impact. When these are properly executed, Enterprise SEO can boost efforts in all of those areas. It can enhance the effectiveness of paid advertisements, it can ensure PR efforts pass SEO value, it can amplify digital marketing initiatives, and it can establish your brand in a specific industry within an organic search.

The modern online world can bring incredible opportunities to brands, but alongside are incredible challenges as well. The goal is to fend off challengers while coping with fast-changing consumer behavior. This means that a brand must have a presence at all stages with as many potential touch points as possible. If these are the challenges your brand or company is facing, then an Enterprise SEO might be needed to help protect your brand’s existing search visibility while growing your bottom line.