How To Manage Your Business Mail While on Annual Leave

Not many entrepreneurs have the freedom to travel the world while running a business. For many US workers, this sounds like a dream. Yet, it can come with several headaches depending on the time you’ll be absent from work.

One such challenge can be managing and viewing your business mail. We all know the feeling of eagerly anticipating a piece of mail, be it a bank statement, contract, or another critical document, only to have something crop up and miss the delivery.

Fortunately, rectifying this issue can be as simple as asking your local post office to put a temporary hold on your post until you’re back or pay for a mail transfer service if you’re planning to be gone for a while. We outline several ways to manage your business mail while on annual leave below:

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Pay For A Mail Transfer Service

If you’re planning to be on annual leave for an extended period, there aren’t many options besides paying for a mail transfer service. By paying for a mail transfer service, you won’t ever lose sleep about missing an important document since these mailbox addresses allow users to manage and view their postal mail via a computer or smartphone like an email. As well as being able to forward your mail anywhere, some mail transfer service providers like offer other services such as scanning, shredding, storage, and much more on their online interface. If you’d like to find out more, consider visiting, where you can view their complete services, read FAQs, and see how their services could help you manage your business mail while you’re on annual leave today.

Ask Someone You Trust To Manage Your Mail

One of the most straightforward (and cost-effective) options for managing your business mail while on annual leave is asking someone you trust to handle it on your behalf. Whether this is a close friend, a family member, or one of your colleagues, you can relax knowing that your mail is in capable hands. Ensure that you ask the person of your choice way in advance of your annual leave date so that they can ask you any questions before you go and so you can fill them in on anything they might need to look out for. Tell them what mail they can expect to receive, what can/can’t be opened on your behalf, and how it should be organized so that it is easy for you to deal with upon your return.

Ask UPS To Hold Your Mail

Of course, not all trips will likely see you gone away for months at a time. Some trips might be for a week or two. If you’re planning on only being away for a short time, you could consider asking UPS to hold your mail until you’re back in the country. UPS will hold your mail free of charge for a maximum of thirty days and can even forward your mail to an address of your choosing (if it’s not international). This service can be requested online but must be done less than fourteen days before your departure.

Before departing, ensure that you have put measures in place for your mail well in advance. This helps to avoid disappointment and reduce any stress you experience in the lead-up to your trip away.