5 Things to Do to Find a Good Movie to Watch

Having various ways to watch a movie every night can lead to movie decision fatigue. If it is difficult over time, you need to do something about it. You can easily stream on the Pirate Bay, but you need to know what content you are streaming or the movie you want to watch from there. How do you make the decision-making process easy? Because there is a lot to choose from today. It can be challenging with every streaming service you add to the list. So, how do you go about enjoying the wonderful programming that is available to you at a reasonable price? Below are some options you can consider to find a good movie to watch.

1. Let a different person choose every night

In your household, ensure a different person gets to choose every night. In this way, it makes it fair and works well with families. More so, if you have children, allow them to share theirs, as well. So, have a list of family-approved movies and one family member to decide what to watch. Also, you can turn this into a game. For instance, give out your list, set a timer, and if the timer runs out, before whoever turns it is, they lose the privilege to choose a movie, and someone else picks.

2. Limit the subscribed services you have 

Limit the subscribed services you have

Where the problem is you have many options of movies to choose from. All you have to do is reduce the streaming options available to you. Limit your streaming service to maybe two to make it valuable and easy to use for you and your family. Plus, it becomes easier to find something to watch. People make having over six streaming service subscriptions at a time trendy. But do they even get the time to watch just one? Yet, the benefit of using streaming services is you can start and stop a subscription anytime. So, try a different system where you watch one, then pause for like two months and watch the other. Such a system works well.

3. Set a time

Create a list of movies and shows that you know you want to watch but do not know where to start. This is vital if you include people you live with, like children or roommates. So to tone down the multiple opinions from everyone, use a five or ten-minute timer, and you will see the difference. First, decide the type of movie you want to watch. Then, check through your watch list and make a decision in the minutes five or ten minutes. You make it strict or not, also you can make it a game or something you do to hurry the decision-making process.

4. Keep a running list of shows you want to watch

Keep a running list of shows you want to watch

Having a watch list is vital to avoid not knowing where to start as you search for a good movie. Also, it helps you keep track of the shows and movies you want to watch. As you browse through them, you will come across movies that fit the current mood that you are in, but you are sure you will watch them at some point. So have one on your phone, notebook, or google docs, and in this way, you have somewhere all your family members or roommates can refer to for movie nights. Plus, you can categorize them to when to watch them and who will watch them or any way you find fit. To solve the issue of what to watch with your family. Choose a movie to watch from the list before turning on the TV.

5. Decide tomorrows selection today 

Try this for your family to save time and decide before the day of the movie. But it depends on the personality you have in your home. It may work for some, while others choose weekend movies throughout the week. The anticipation is great and gives you time to find the movie you want if it is not on any streaming service. Also, planning feels more productive and removes the decision paralysis feeling that overwhelms someone. Plan, and you will find a good movie everyone will appreciate.