SaaS E-Book Review

A smartphone screen with the words Software

Software as a Service (SaaS) can be defined as a model of software delivery that is generally based on a subscription. It is externally hosted and available via the cloud network of the developer. If any person wishes to use Software as a Service, they will have to pay for it in … Read more

Encouraging Raffle Ticket Sales

A roll of tickets

Holding raffles are a fun way to raise some funds for your organization. Raffles can be a part of a larger event, held online, or even simply by mail. While it aims to raise more money, it can also help an organization differently. If your organization wants a unique way to promote … Read more

Promoting an Auction for Success

The word “auction” on a post-it note, besides a notebook and a laptop

Few things are as time-consuming as fundraising events. To make sure you can raise funds, a strong marketing strategy is important to reach and invite donors and buyers and foster stronger relationships with supporters. It creates positive awareness for your virtual event, and with so many distractions these days, every cause needs … Read more

Businesses Using the Outlaw Brand Archetype

A Harley Davidson emblem on a motorcycle

All people have a wild side, and the outlaw brand archetype taps into our desire for non-conformity. This archetype for brands includes those who want to stand out against the traditional, mainstream, and “boring” competitors in their category. These brands denounce the normalized and accepted, creating a disruption in their category when … Read more

How Has Apple’s Branding Strategy Changed Over the Years?

iphone logo and iphone

Unless someone is living under a rock, everybody recognizes Apple. Apple is one of the most valuable and iconic brands globally. Apple, Inc. uses the Apple brand to compete across many competitive markets. These markets include the computer industry with its Macintosh (iMac) line of computers, the smartphone industry with its iPhone, … Read more

Are Business Cards Even Still Relevant?

exchanging business cards

Way back then, business cards were the only way to exchange contacts and information during a networking event.  But now that we have smartphones, video calls, mobile apps, LinkedIn, and other online and digital alternatives of keeping track of contacts and displaying your brand, are business cards even still essential and relevant? … Read more

How Has Burberry’s Strategy Changed Over the Years?

burberry store

Even if you don’t know the name “Burberry” yet, you would probably recognize its trademark checkered pattern on its trench coats, bags, and other fashion accessories. But if you’ve heard it already, you instantly associate the name with “high fashion” and “quality excellence.” Indeed, Burberry is one of the world’s most recognized … Read more