A Guide to Predictive Marketing


Many well-known global companies rely primarily on predictive marketing. Having an effective analytics model makes it easier to analyze customer behavior and trends. Predictive modeling is the process of extracting data and using probabilities to predict outcomes. The model contains variables that act as outcome predictors. Then a statistical model is developed … Read more

Why Does Product Classification Matter

Why Does Product Classification Matter

Accurate product data is an essential part of a consumer’s purchasing decision. From search results to conversions, brand awareness, product benchmarking, and final purchase, clarity, availability, and clear product information help customers make purchasing decisions. That’s why it is important to organize and categorize product information for customer service. The process of … Read more

Can Non-Profit Organizations Use Affiliate Programs?

affiliate marketing

Most non-profit organizations in today’s era use affiliate programs to gain money without relying too much on donations, as donors don’t actually appear every day to give money for the organization. In order to get money to fund projects and other causes, some organizations would sign up to affiliate programs, which can … Read more

How Affiliate Programs Can Benefit Non Profit Organizations

different aspects of a non-profit organization

During the time when the internet was not as widely used as it is today, it was quite difficult for non-profit organizations to earn money that is needed to continue funding their cause. But, thanks to the internet and the World Wide Web, non-profit organizations have found a way to raise money … Read more

Converting Prospects to Customers

Converting Prospects to Customers

Folks, a Lansing-based photographer specializing in wedding and event photography has given me permission to post this conundrum to you. First is his challenge. Next is the advice I gave him. Any other ideas or corrections? Enquiring minds want to know. The Photographer’s Challenge I had several contacts [leads generated by his … Read more

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

Speakers’ speaker, John Childers, talks about the three ways we represent ourselves when we speak publicly. The first way, he says, is to present ourselves as the Expert. This usually means we’ve been in our field for a while and we have amassed a body of knowledge and experience from which to … Read more

The Magic in Data-Driven Website Redesign

I’d like to share one of the recent marketing lessons I’ve learned (and I don’t know if this is 100% marketing or 50% marketing, 50% how to lead a meeting. I’ll let you decide.) Okay, we’re going through a massive overhaul of a large statewide website right now. This state agency website … Read more

What Promotional Products You Should Use for Your Next Website?

promotional products

Using promotional products for your business is one of the most low-cost marketing methods that can be utilized well to reach out to more potential customers and connect with them in an efficient way.  These products tend to go by various names including swag, schwag, or tchotchke. Even established businesses and brands use this … Read more

11 Types of Difficult Customers

11 Types of Difficult Customersq

Create brand loyalty through ease of use    An often quoted and now legendary study from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) led with the provocative headline “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers.” The thesis of the study is that companies are wasting large swaths of time expending energy on providing “exceptional service.” … Read more

Five Businesses Millennials Can Get Into

The world of work is changing rapidly and for millennials, there are now businesses and industries out there which didn’t even exist when their parents started work. With more and more millennials saying they want to start their own businesses, there has never been a better opportunity for today’s young people to … Read more

Ten Smart Effective Uses for Twitter

Ten Smart Effective Uses for Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in this generation. People usually use it to post their thoughts and photos, share links of other websites, and to participate in certain discussions as well. We are certainly aware of news being made on Twitter with the like of … Read more