Businesses Using the Outlaw Brand Archetype

A Harley Davidson emblem on a motorcycle

All people have a wild side, and the outlaw brand archetype taps into our desire for non-conformity. This archetype for brands includes those who want to stand out against the traditional, mainstream, and “boring” competitors in their category. These brands denounce the normalized and accepted, creating a disruption in their category when … Read more

How Has Apple’s Branding Strategy Changed Over the Years?

iphone logo and iphone

Unless someone is living under a rock, everybody recognizes Apple. Apple is one of the most valuable and iconic brands globally. Apple, Inc. uses the Apple brand to compete across many competitive markets. These markets include the computer industry with its Macintosh (iMac) line of computers, the smartphone industry with its iPhone, … Read more

How Has Burberry’s Strategy Changed Over the Years?

burberry store

Even if you don’t know the name “Burberry” yet, you would probably recognize its trademark checkered pattern on its trench coats, bags, and other fashion accessories. But if you’ve heard it already, you instantly associate the name with “high fashion” and “quality excellence.” Indeed, Burberry is one of the world’s most recognized … Read more

The Evolution of the Microsoft Logo

Microsoft logo

For most businesses, a logo is an essential part of their branding – it’s the visual shortcut to the brand’s trademark. A logo can either make or break a business. However, A well-designed logo creates a strong impression on the consumers and enables them to identify the company more easily. It also … Read more

How Has McDonald’s Branding Strategy Changed Over the Years?

McDonald’s branch

It’s as clear as a bell – McDonald’s is the biggest fast-food restaurant chain in the world today. Thanks mainly to its strong focus on customer service, response to competition, and marketing and branding strategies, McDonald’s has weathered competition (and some controversy) and retains its top position in the world of fast … Read more

Passive Income – eBook Review

a person holding bills of 100 dollars

Everyone loves making money – and that’s a universal truth. But there are some people who want to make money while sleeping, and that’s what we call passive income, in easy words. If you have been wondering about making a steady income with little to no effort, this eBook is for you. … Read more

The Psychology of Branding

Brand identity book beside keyboard and laptop

Everything in our environment has been designed and built with the psychology of the consumers. We don’t realize the psychology of branding but the office lights emit a cool-colored light because they make people more alert than other lights. If the walls and other interior elements are blue, then it might not … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Successfully Rebranding Your Brand

A Coca-Cola can in front of a red background

Running a business is not a child’s play. No matter how easy it may seem in the noir dramas where some high-profile criminal sets up a whole business within weeks, that is not the case. Setting up a business requires more than tons of money, and more often than not, it requires … Read more

Top Examples of Small Business Branding

A sticky note saying a big business starts small

Small businesses face branding challenges that large businesses usually don’t face. Small businesses have to brand their business on a small budget and with little time. There are various ways through which small businesses can brand their product or services. For example, they can have the in-house talent to create the brand … Read more

Top Branding Tips For Small Businesses

Bullet points of branding tips

Small businesses are private companies that are owned by partnerships or sole proprietorships. Such businesses are having fewer employees with less annual revenue than a full-size business or corporation. Businesses are defined as small in terms of the possibility of seeking government support or benefit from a preferential tax policy. It can … Read more

Tips to Develop a Niche Marketing Strategy


Developing a niche marketing strategy is important if you are just starting your business. Instead of going broad, you should focus on your niche that will help your business to grow. If you are planning to go broad, you will have to think about all types of customers. However, if you are … Read more

How a Logo Can Make or Break a Business

logos of popular social media apps

When you think about a few of the most popular companies in the world, like Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, and Nike, the first thing that will immediately come to your mind is their logo. Logos are what can make or break a business, as they are usually the ones that make the companies … Read more

Best Stock Video Websites

You are editing a video and now there is a scene missing. What do you do? Re-shoot? Nah. Your team invested time and money into a video shoot, but can’t afford to redo a scene. It’s just not viable in terms of money. With that said, you need to use the footage … Read more

Three Simple Yet Effective Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Three Simple Yet Effective Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Today, branding is really important for businesses. With competition fiercer than ever in many industries and customers increasingly looking for brands that go the extra mile and connect with them on a personal basis, it’s vital to put a lot of work into your branding efforts in order to reap the benefits. … Read more

Good News Stories That Will Build Your Brand

Brand Building

The key to having a successful and sustainable business is to build a brand that consumers know and trust, but just how do you do that? Certain elements have to be in place: you must have a great product or service that answers a real need from consumers or other businesses; you … Read more

3 Tips to Building a Quality Brand Reputation

brand reputation

With the volume of competition and platforms available today, gaining a reputation for exceptional products and services has to go beyond hard work and marketing strategies. Companies need to think of smart ways to stand out from the crowd, attract a loyal following and keep their good reputation. If you’re looking to … Read more

Infographic: The Power of Color in Branding

infographic color in branding header

Many of us like to believe that we are unaffected by branding and advertising. However, with the vast quantity of messages we receive through various media formats throughout the day, it is almost impossible to completely avoid coming into contact with one brand or another. Ensuring that their message is effectively communicated … Read more

Infographic: Can Celebrity Endorsements Influence Sales?

infographic celebrity endorsements header

Celebrity endorsement has always been seen as a viable option for companies to promote their products. Many companies believe having their products associated with a popular celebrity will help drive sales. Consumers seem unsure of their influence with 51% stating that celebrity endorsement makes little to no difference on their purchasing decisions. … Read more

How to Increase Your Brand’s Credibility

brand credibility

Building trust with your consumers is essential for success in business. Trust leads to repeat business and loyal customers, along with increased sales and brand awareness. That trust, however, takes time, hard work, and consistency to earn. It is important that business owners educate themselves on how to establish and maintain trust … Read more

Branding Basics for Businesses: How to Find Your Voice & Stick To It

branding basics for businesses marketing ideas

The December 2014 Webs Small Business Digital Trends Survey revealed that 63 percent of small businesses use digital tools to market to customers. When marketing online, businesses must present a coherent look and feel to successfully connect with the target audience. Below are creative ways to showcase your company’s voice, an important, … Read more

Brand Conversations: Not Just On Your Twitter Feed

Brand Conversations: Not Just On Your Twitter Feed

Are you in charge of running a company’s social media campaign? If so, you know that your brand receives all kinds of feedback from followers on social media. In day-to-day monitoring and community management, social media managers are faced with both positive and negative mentions about their brands. From complimentary praise to harmful … Read more

Branding 101: 12 Brand Archetypes

Marketing Ideas 12 Brand Archetypes

What is a brand archetype? Archetypes are a concept originally conceived by famed Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. In marketing, a brand archetype is a genre you assign to your brand, based upon symbolism. The idea behind using brand archetypes is to anchor your brand against something iconic—something already embedded within the conscious … Read more

Would changing your business name help your brand?

Would changing your business name help your brand?

Changing your organization’s name to better suit your market can be powerful. So many business owners feel they have built equity into their brand name. While this is true to some extent, the extent of that equity is often over-valued. Changing the name to something that better reflects your mission in the … Read more