How Direct Mail Retargeting Will Rationalize Your Digital Marketing Campaign

You may have visited a website and then read up on an article regarding automated vacuums. The next thing you know your Facebook or email is flooded with ads or sponsored articles about vacuums. There used to be a time when you would have wondered how they read your mind. But now, this strategy is par for the course.

However, consumers have also wised up to the strategy. By installing ad-blocking software, they managed to reduce and eliminate these annoying ads. In fact, according to Bannerstack, more than 5 in 10 consumers typically skip banner ads.

So, how do you reach out to your target consumers?

Introducing Direct Mail Retargeting.

What is Direct mail Retargeting?

It’s what marketers do to scrutinize the data concerning your website closely.

After collecting the information, they will then create target messaging and deliver it via direct mail. What they essentially do is reach out to consumers who are ready to make a purchase. You do not have to waste time on prospects who are still on the fence. Of course, you do not overlook them. However, they go to the back of the queue, as you prioritize your campaign to target the ready audience.

You skip the intangibles and work on the tangible markets that offer the most value in terms of response and returns. As a result, you can message your message in such a way that it seems very personal for each prospect. They are more likely to reciprocate when the message resonates with them.

The need for real-time data and analytics is crucial to the success of a mail retargeting strategy. Incomplete or inaccurate data will lead to the wrong output, which renders your marketing plan useless.

How can it Help Your Business?

According to the 2018 Response Rate Report by the Data & Marketing Association, the average rate of reply for direct mail retargeting was 4.9% for the prospects list and 9% for the house list. The organization started tracking the response rate since 2003, and they found out that 2018 was a banner year for Mail Retargeting.

Without context, you might not be impressed with that number. But the same report said that email marketing or social media marketing only average 1% response rates. The same goes for paid search. Online display banners, meanwhile, could only generate a .03% response rate.

So clearly, out of the direct marketing strategies available out there, Direct Mail Retargeting provides the most value for your money.

Technological innovations also help in creating a more accurate and efficient message. For instance, you can now match the IP address or email address with the physical address. Instead of a more general message, you can further customize it to fit the unique needs of the potential buyer. Also, data scientists are now able to track online behavior with greater accuracy.

Going back to the above example, if the customer is looking around for the latest vacuum cleaners, you know which websites they are visiting and what articles they are reading. Using that valuable information, you can send them direct mail on the latest products that fit their needs and budget.

Also, millennial are less intimidated by ads, direct mail, and sponsored content compared to the previous generations. If you send them content, they would likely read through it rather than automatically dump it into their computer’s trash bin.