Tips for Creating Great Email Templates

Email templates serve great value to businesses, and they ought to be perfect. Experts use multiple tactics that serve both the content maker and reader for creating the best email templates. So, if you are in for creating a professional email template out of scratch, here are the factors that are the most important:


It would be best if you made sure that the templates you are creating are easy to use. People making newsletters on them need to be able to attach pictures, links, etc. easily. The more user-friendly your template is, the more users it is going to have.

80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule defines how much space you will keep for images and texts on an email template. So, 80% text space and 20% image space is the perfect usage. Although, some modern email templates may be a little different where it is more focused on images. Generally, professionals use the 80/20 rule.

Perfect Rendering

People are using different options for viewing their emails. Although most users are available on the Gmail webpage, some use Outlook. So, as there are multiple email-viewing platforms/applications, you need to make sure the template renders perfectly on each of them.

Usually, in this case, you need to focus on custom fonts as they often don’t render on multiple apps. With proper rendering, your template will be a default option for businesses to use.

Beautiful Eye-Catching Designs

What is an email template without the quality design? Your template has to catch the eyes of the masses and make them read. Know that the world is in a hurry and people only focus on eye-catching titles and aesthetics.

You can go for simplicity. It makes it easier for people to read the email and saves time. And make sure the images render correctly on multiple devices. All these add to the beauty of any email!


You already know this. However, what does being mobile-friendly mean? Well, there are a few factors. Firstly, focus on your font and their sizes. Make sure reading it on the phone is easy. Your images must render perfectly. So, make sure not to use very wide picture frames as they will ruin an entire email on the phone.

Lastly, the CTA button must appear clear and good-looking on an email. People differentiate from shady businesses to legitimate ones by looking at these smaller details. So, focus on them!

CTA Clicking Options

On mobile phones, the CTA clicking options need to be big enough and proper for people to click on it. A thump can click on 50 pixels of an area. So, make your CTA button accordingly.


The secrets behind an excellent template are the new and popular ideas that come from professionals. Research your way in for making sure every template you make are used by businesses frequently, not only once or twice. You want to keep in mind that nowadays, it is very hard to grab the attention of anyone! So, your template has to be good enough.