Want to Start a Business in the New Year? Here are 19 Creative Small Business Ideas!

Starting your own business is becoming an increasingly popular trend. In fact, you’ll notice that most people are running two-three different small businesses that they manage either onsite or through remote services. Advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to connect with individuals online and work out some form of transaction. So, in this new year, what business are you going to start?

Creative Business Ideas for 2021

There is something for everyone. Whether it taps into your artistic or extroverted soul, starting and owning a business is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Do what you love and make money doing it. Here are some creative small business ideas.

1. Virtual Call Centers

Start a fully online call or contact center offering sales, customer support, customer service, lead generation services, and more. You can get virtual numbers from a cloud-based phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding (https://www.globalcallforwarding.com/) that can provide you with inbound and outbound communication tools.

2. Virtual Assistant Services

Become a virtual assistant for different businesses looking to outsource their secretary needs. You can schedule meetings, manage calendars, send out emails, and offer other services from the comfort of your own home.

3. Appointment Setting Service

Start an appointment setting service and hire a few employees to call leads and set appointments for different companies. Using virtual business telephone numbers will make this process much cheaper.

4. Business Plan Service

Create and consult on business plans that include a narrative, market research, business proposals, etc. Charge for the main service the client requires and then offer other services as add-ons. It helps to have a few business plan samples and build a portfolio.

5. Resume and Cover Letter Writer

Resume writing services are more popular than you’d think. Most serious job hunters appreciate having a professional writer create or at least look over their resume and cover letters. You can provide both services. And to demonstrate credibility, run a blog of helpful tips and tricks and have samples showcasing your skills.

6. Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is on the rise. Corporations and companies of various sizes are looking for online marketing services to build and solidify their digital appearance. You can offer content, web development, and social media services as well.

7. Content Writing and Editing Services

You can either start a content writing service with a group of writers or run it as a freelance gig. This includes writing for print and online and writing different types of content: creative, travel, web, professional, technical, academic, and so on.

8. Graphic Design

Another field that is high in demand is graphic design. People are realizing the importance of visual marketing and are paying closer attention to how their brand, logo, website, and merch is perceived by the public.

9. Photography

Similar to graphic design, photography and visual imagery are often sought out for digital marketing and print media. Additionally, you can expand your portfolio to cover events and occasions as well.

10. Web Development

Web development is another part of digital marketing that is crucial to the survival of any business in this day and age. If you don’t have a strong website then you are a few steps behind the competition. Web development includes developing and designing a website for the internet or a private network.

11. Social Media Consultant

Social media consultants influence the way your enterprise lives online. They help generate traffic and sales, increase brand visibility and awareness, and expand your reach.

12. SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization (SEO) consultants basically work to improve your website’s search engine performance, that is, how it ranks in search results. They will review, analyze, and improve your websites, webpages, and links, and provide guidance for what needs to be done next.

13. Translation Services

If you know 2-5 different languages, you can provide translation and interpreter services to businesses with an international clientele. You can offer translations of webpages, posts, articles, promotional materials, emails, and more.

14. Programming Consultant

Know a lot of software and programming? You can offer your expertise in coding and software development as a programming consultant. You may even include add-ons for writing code or fixing bugs, etc.

15. Video Editing Services

Love working with videos? Then, a video editing service may be the job for you. Edit, assemble, and enhance videos. You can charge extra for adding sound effects, graphics, dialogue, and so on.

16. Make-Up Artist

This is one of the most creative small business ideas because most artists and beauticians love their job and find that it is a great expression of their skills. You can open a small salon or provide home services. And, you can also do hair and nail services, if they are within your areas of expertise.

17. Fashion Boutique Store

For many, opening an online fashion boutique is the dream. With the latest technology, you can use applications and software to design custom clothing for clients. And once the design is approved by the client, you can get to actually creating it. On the side, you could have other ready-to-go options that you know will do well.  Check out options like maquiladoras in mexico as well.

18. Interior Design and Decoration

If decorating and staging houses is one of your hobbies, then this may be a great small business idea for you. Help people and families looking to redo and renovate their house by offering your exceptional interior design vision.  You can offer prices as well to distinguish yourself from the competition by outsourcing estimating services.

19. Online Store for Paintings

Selling stuff online has never been easier. With stores like Etsy, Society6, etc., painters and artists have been able to make a steady income for their craft. You can also sell other products such as stationary tools (stickers, calendars, wrapping paper) with your paintings on them, canvas prints, swag (t-shirts, mandalas) and so on.

What Are You Waiting for? Start Now!

Feeling inspired yet? If you’re looking for a change or just want to add a different job type to your workweek, then now is the time. Let your creative and artistic voice come out and make money doing what you love.

Author Bio: Meryl D’Sa writes about the latest trends in travel, literature, writing, business, and more.