Car Accidents in Spokane: Top things worth knowing

Thousands of auto accidents are reported in Washington State each year. Some are just fender benders, but other car accidents leave a trail of destruction behind. If you were injured in such an accident in Spokane, you need to take a few immediate steps. Before anything else, call 911 if someone is injured and report to the local law enforcement. You need to have a copy of the police report on the crash. Also, contact a Spokane car accident lawyer without delay. Below are some of the relevant facts worth knowing.

Laws in Washington explained

Washington is a claimant-friendly and no-fault state. If you were injured in a car crash and were partially at fault, you can still claim compensation for your losses. According to Washington’s “pure comparative fault” rule, you are entitled to a settlement for your damages, even when your share of fault is more than 50% or the other party. However, keep in mind that the other party will also file a claim with your insurer.

There is also a deadline for filing lawsuits known as the “statute of limitations”. This allows a 3-year window to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. However, you are required to inform your insurance company and file a claim with the other party’s insurer within a reasonable time. The statute is not applicable to insurance claims.

Gather evidence

The car accident scene has valuable evidence. Right after the crash, get photos of the accident scene, contact details of other drivers and witnesses, and other valuable information that may help your claim. Also, don’t let anyone talk you out of calling the law enforcement. Do not run away from the scene and wait for the investigating officer to arrive. Even if you feel angry and agitated, avoid blaming the other party for the accident and don’t admit fault either.

Why do you need a car accident attorney in Spokane?

Most car accident cases are complicated. Insurance companies, including yours, are working for profit, and therefore, they don’t care if you get a settlement in the first place. You need an attorney to avoid any complications in filing and winning the car accident claim. While most accident lawsuits are settled outside of court, your case can end up in a lawsuit, for which you will need a lawyer. A skilled car accident can ensure that you get a fair settlement without budging to insurance tactics.

Call a car accident attorney in Spokane at the earliest.