From Booths to Brochures: How to Generate Leads at a Trade Show

A trade show is one of the best ways to market your business to new customers, demonstrate exciting new products, and increase a company’s revenue.

However, the tactics you execute before, during, and after the event can determine if it provides a return on investment or misses out on customers.

Don’t lose out on many sales and read the following tips on how to generate leads at a trade show.

Send a Pre-Show Email to Your Subscribers

If possible, encourage prospective customers to attend a trade show by sending a pre-show email to your subscriber list and registered attendees.

The email should promote your company’s attendance, provide details on where to find your booth, and give one or more reasons for a subscriber to attend the event.

For instance, a subscriber might be more likely to buy a trade show ticket and visit your booth if you’ve locked in a special guest, are hosting an informative demonstration, or are launching a new product.

The pre-show email could increase interest in the trade show and help you generate many potential leads before you’ve even set up your booth.

Stand Out with an Attractive Booth

Your company’s presence alone isn’t enough to attract attendees to your booth. Generate as many leads as possible by creating a professional, attractive booth that helps your brand stand out from the crowd.

Grab attention by hanging eye-catching signage, playing music, switching on attractive lighting, and featuring creative displays that will stop people in their tracks.

An aesthetically pleasing booth will force people to double-take when passing your booth, making it easier for your employees to engage attendees and convince them to become customers.

Create a Professional Brochure

Every business should hand out professional brochures to trade show attendees.

A high-quality, attractive, and informative brochure will encourage leads to learn more about a brand’s product and services once a trade show ends, which could convince them to become customers.

Don’t allow a lead to slip through the net. Take advantage of custom brochure printing to design marketing materials you can hand out to attendees at a trade show.

Various sizes, layouts, paper finishes, and brochure folds are available to match your business’s taste, needs, and image, ensuring you represent your brand in the best possible light.

Run a Compelling Contest

A contest effectively draws a crowd to your booth, creates a fun, interactive environment for attendees, and generates many leads at a trade show.

Promote a competition before and during the event to have people lining up to enter a contest, and it will provide an opportunity to gather attendees’ contact information.

The better the quality of the prizes, the more entrants you’ll receive, and the more contact details you can secure at the event.

Send a Follow-Up Email

Once a trade show is over, send a personalized email to your new contacts to encourage further engagement with your brand.

Thank a lead for visiting your booth and providing a helpful reminder about your products or services, which might convince them to place an order.

You could even provide an exclusive discount or deal to encourage them to pick up the phone, add an item to your site’s shopping cart, or send an email to learn more.