5 Tips For Creating Powerful Logos

As you may know, designing a logo is about more than putting a name in a square and calling it a day.

A good logo is so much more than that. In many ways, it defines your entire brand in a way that’s easy to understand. Among other things, powerful logos can impact your brand perception and purchase decisions.

That said, a logo should also draw people’s attention at a moment’s notice. Modern audiences have a minimal attention span, so there’s no time to lose. Here are 5 tips that will help you come up with cool logo ideas for your business.

1. Keep It Simple

When designing a business logo, minimalism is almost always the way to go. If your viewers don’t get your brand message immediately, they’ll ignore it. A simple logo helps you establish this connection from the get-go.

For best results, your logo should have just enough elements to convey your message. Anything else is effectively clutter, as it creates confusion for viewers.

2. Use the Right Colors

One of the easiest ways to present your brand’s personality is to opt for the right colors. Bold colors grab attention but may appear brash. Muted colors often seem more sophisticated, but can be easy to overlook.

If you’re not satisfied with the usual choices, make use of the entire color palette. Every decent logo designer allows you to experiment with various color schemes.

3. Avoid Cliches

When you’re coming up with logo ideas, your biggest challenge is to make them unique. If you use cliched design elements, you won’t make an impression. For example, if you’re a doctor, try to stay away from red crosses or stethoscopes.

To know what you need to avoid, look at the other logos from your niche. Any design element that appears multiple times is unlikely to work for you.

4. Use Custom Typography

On a similar note, custom typography can help you stand out as well. This can give your logo a lot of personality. When we think of Coca-Cola, one of the first things that come to mind is their distinctive lettering.

Keep in mind that some fonts are more likely to feature in certain industries. For instance, sans serif is a good contemporary option due to its informal style.

5. Make It Versatile

In 2019, even the best logo design needs to be versatile. If your logo looks good on your site but makes no impact on social media, do another take. Check the colorless version as well — you may use it more often than you think.

If you don’t think your current logo is versatile enough, spruce it up a bit. Adidas changes its logo regularly, but the three parallel bars are always there.

More on Creating Powerful Logos

As you can see, logo design is an important part of your visual identity. When done well, it projects a good perception of your brand within your target audience. Since your logo is likely your most seen visual, this is worth quite a lot.

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