Automation Tools to Boost Your Outreach Campaign

Cold emails are still regarded as one of the most effective marketing channels, mainly due to the marketer’s ability to reach maximum potential clients and inform them about the company’s products and services. Besides, with the help of cold email platforms, you can quickly achieve efficient link-building and generate leads.

With the help of automated email tools, you can also simplify the work of your marketing department. Your sales representatives will come in direct contact only with those already interested in your products, thus closing the deals quicker. Finally, the benefit of automated cold emails is a brilliant solution for B2B outreach, helping you advance business operations and grow your client base.

So, which tools can help you on the way to process automation and effort optimization? Here we consider X top-recommended software products, each responsible for distinct functions making your email promo campaigns way more efficient.

Read on to become an outreach guru.

Why Outreach Matters

As we just discussed, email automation tools are robust sales enablement solutions. According to Amanda Shapiro, a Sales Development Representative from essay writer service, such outreach automation helps businesses with any budget excel in their public relations and lead generation.

By informing their audience about products and services, discounts and events, companies arose the clients’ initial interest in their offerings. By keeping in touch via follow-up letters and newsletters, businesses can establish loyal, lasting relationships with their clientele, thus making clients return with more orders. What’s more, email outreach tools enable doing it all automatically, without wasting any vital operational time.

Top Automation Tools for Outreach Enhancement

Why Outreach Matters

Now that we’re clear about the value of email outreach tools, let’s deal with their purposes and types in more detail.

Today, there are many solutions in the email automation niche, each coming with its own unique features and perks. For instance, the marketer’s key challenges in setting up an automated email outreach system are: addressing the problem of emails getting into a Spam folder, merging the unique client details with the automated email templates, and automated email sequence tracking.

1. Avoiding the Spam Folder: Warmup Inbox

The Warmup Inbox tool is one of the best representatives of the email warmup tool category.

Email warmup is vital for marketers who only start sending the promo emails, which often get buried in recipients’ Spam folders. To avoid such misfortunes, marketers use email warmup techniques to raise the domain’s and sender’s reputation online. The Warmup Inbox program works with your IP address and domain to enhance its reputation and achieve better email delivery.

How does the system of warming up your reputation work? It’s all quite simple.

The process goes as follows:

  • The problem of deliverability arises if the mailbox from which you’re sending emails works one way most of the time. It is an automatic signal of cold email marketing for the web engine, so it starts sending your emails to spam.
  • Warmup Mailbox lets over 2,500 mailboxes ‘talk to each other’ by sending emails from one to another, which creates an impression of real-life email users’ vigorous activity. Those emails are read, replied to, with threads of discussion generated between the mailboxes.
  • Thus, the email address is not treated suspiciously by the web engine, and emails start landing where they should – to the recipients’ mailboxes instead of the Spam cemetery.

2. Mail Merging: Go Mail Merge

Even with advanced email outreach tools, you can hardly feel any relief if you need to manually enter all clients’ names. Just imagine how many emails you’ll be able to send per day. Right, not that many!

With mail merging tools, the users receive a unique opportunity of sending automated yet personalized emails from Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. The program automatically takes the data from Excel spreadsheets, inserting the relevant data into relevant tabs for the recipients to feel your individual attention.

Go Mail Merge is a software product of a U.S.-based company Go Ideal Software. The best thing about this app is that it enables hassle-free customization of emails while the dissemination process and scheduling are fully automated. The app can be found on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

To date, the handy features that Go Mail Merge provides are as follows:

  • Simultaneous scheduling of multiple marketing campaigns.
  • Customization of email sequences with carefully timed follow-up emails.
  • Ability to add static and personalized attachments from your clientele databases.
  • Ability to track unsubscribing users.
  • Smart tracking of email checkboxes to understand your clients’ actions with the emails.
  • Flexible email campaign scheduling.

3. Sales Engagement with Cold Emails:

Sales Engagement with Cold Emails

As soon as you decide to promote your services or products via multiple channels online, it’s vital to establish an efficient CRM system. is an excellent piece of software offering a user-friendly, intuitive interface and a realm of valuable features.

With the Reply tool, you can:

  • Scan through your LinkedIn contacts with the help of a specialized Chrome extension to find potentially relevant contacts and include them in your outreach sequence.
  • Reach out to your contacts via emails, SMSs, WhatsApp messages. Use whatever tools you consider relevant for every client, all combined in an easily accessible interface.
  • Customize and enhance your outreach messages with built-in AI solutions.
  • Analyze your campaigns’ efficiency with intelligent analytics.
  • Combine with other tools you’re currently using to achieve maximum efficiency.

Today, this software is among the top-rated automated email platforms, with impressively fast implementation and best sales promotion rates. Besides, professional salespeople highly rated it, receiving a Top 100 award for Highest Satisfaction Products in 2021.

4. Lead Generation from LinkedIn: Sales Navigator

Overall, active sales promotion (especially with automated tools) is banned on LinkedIn, but Sales Navigator is a legit helper for those wishing to expand their outreach in this professional network. Don’t be afraid of the account’s suspension; it all works well and won’t put your professional reputation at risk.

The key features for outreach automation that Sales Navigator offers are:

  • Advanced search features help you detect new leads.
  • Automated collection of customized lead recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • Smart CRM integration.
  • Ability to send multiple InMails to users detected as your target audience.
  • Commercial targeting suggestions customized to your business niche.

Thus, with an active Sales Navigator account, you’re sure to get the most out of your LinkedIn activity for your business growth and development. Detect new users, reach out to new leads, connect to your LinkedIn contacts via email and other channels – it’s way easier to achieve quick outreach marketing gains with Sales Navigator.

Automation at the Service of Your Business

As you can see, thousands of cold leads can transform into hundreds of warmed-up clients ready for purchase. Achieving this goal can be simpler with outreach automation tools, which allow you to contact many more people without losing the touch of individuality and customization everyone likes. Using these tools, you’re doomed to business success, as the first step to growing your business is letting others know about it.

Improve your mailbox reputation not to bury your campaign prematurely; pick the best email merger tools to keep the emails individual; track your progress and make adjustments based on outcome analytics. Such coordinated efforts are sure to reap quick gains in the form of a persistently growing customer base and business volume.

Good luck!