Here’s why you need a criminal defense attorney in NY

If you have been arrested in NY for any reason, your first step should be about finding legal help. Talking to an experienced lawyer can help in protecting your rights, and more importantly, in ensuring that your case is being tackled professionally. The right Rochester criminal defense lawyer is probably the biggest asset for your case, and you can find quite a few law firms with dedicated experience with criminal defense. In this post, we are discussing more on when to contact a lawyer and things to expect.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer works for clients, who are either a suspect in a criminal case, or have been charged with the crime. The role and job of the lawyer is to protect the client as good as possible, and they will go to any length to do so. Your criminal defense lawyer in NY will ensure that the prosecution doesn’t get you into accepting a plea bargain by common tactics. If you are looking for an attorney for the first time, keep in mind that experience is the key factor here. You don’t want a new attorney, who is still learning on the job to handle your case.

When to call a lawyer?

You need a criminal defense lawyer when you think that there might be a case or any kind of criminal proceeding against you. Your lawyer, during the first meeting, will do what it takes to explain the entire situation, so that you have a fair idea of the outcome. Many firms in NY do offer free consultation for clients, and you can expect a 30-minute meeting at the least, to know the next set of steps to be followed. For misdemeanor or felony arrest, you definitely need a lawyer by your side. The lawyer will try to avoid a criminal conviction in the first place, which can otherwise have serious implications on your life ahead. Also, you may need to talk to the police and law enforcement agencies, for which you definitely need to have a criminal defense attorney by your side.

Seek advice early

If you have a charge against you, or believe that you can get embroiled in a case, for which you are not directly responsible, talk to a reliable criminal defense attorney. A good attorney is your biggest asset for ensuring justice, without being charged with consequences that you don’t deserve.