Increase Instagram Followers and Likes for Free

There are millions of people that wanted to expand their reach on Instagram, but the only want for them to do that is to get thousands of likes and followers on the app. Unfortunately, most of the people with this goal give up after a few months, as getting followers and likes on Instagram can be difficult, as you are also competing with other users for the spotlight of getting on the Recommendations or Search page. However, what they don’t know is that there is an easy and convenient way for them to get real follows and likes on the app, and that is through using a service called GetInsta. To learn more about this service and what it can do, here is an overview of the features found in the GetInsta app or software.

Getting GetInsta

So, what is GetInsta? The answer is that it is an Android app and Windows PC software that can be utilized by people to get followers and likes on Instagram. The great thing about using GetInsta is that it is absolutely free, so you can use its services and features without paying for anything. But, GetInsta also offers premium services that you can pay for to get more likes and follows.

When compared to most free followers Instagram apps, GetInsta offers organic followers and likes instead of bots, which could get your account banned or suspended. So, by using GetInsta, you don’t have to worry about getting your account deleted since real people are liking and following your posts and profile on Instagram. The organic nature of the free followers Instagram app is achieved by allowing their users to like and follow the Instagram posts and profiles of other users through the service. By performing this activity, they will be rewarded with coins that they can then use to buy more followers and likes on the app.

Coins on GetInsta

The best way for you to get more likes and follow on your Instagram account through GetInsta is to collect more coins, which you can do by just performing certain tasks on the app. The tasks you would need to do on GetInsta are fairly simple, as you would only have to follow and like Instagram profiles and post by other people that are also using the GetInsta app. The more coins you get on the platform, the more followers and likes you will receive on your Instagram profile.

Coins on GetInsta

To start getting coins on GetInsta, look for the “Get Coins” button placed on the app or software’s homepage. Once you have pressed or click the said button, you will then be greeted with a list of photos that are accompanied by the corresponding action that you need to for each of those photos to get more coins to buy Instagram followers and likes. To collect coins, you would simply have to press the Like or Follow button located at the bottom of each photo, and GetInsta will automatically do that task for you on Instagram. The number of digital coins you will receive is also indicated on each button, so GetInsta has a set amount of coins to give for each like or follow.

How to Install GetInsta on Android Devices

The most convenient method for you to use GetInsta is to get the app on your Android smartphone so that you can get more followers and likes on Instagram wherever you are indoors or outdoors. Here are the very simple steps you can follow to download and install GetInsta on Android.

  • Visit the Google Play store app and look for GetInsta using the search bar at the top of the screen. Download the GetInsta app by pressing the green Install button right next to the app’s name.
  • Once the GetInsta app is installed, open it and press the Sign-Up button if you haven’t created an account on the platform yet.
  • Verify your GetInsta account by opening your email, and then open the app again and log in your credentials.
  • Collect the free coins you receive for logging in for the first time and connect your Instagram account on the GetInsta app to use the coins.

GetInsta app

How to Install GetInsta on Windows PCs

Even though it is not as convenient and accessible to use compared to its Android counterpart, the PC version of GetInsta is still a great program to have if you want a bigger screen to check out your coins and activities on the platform. Follow the steps below to download and install GetInsta on your PC.

  • Go to “” and find the button that serves as a download link for the PC version of GetInsta. If finding the button is difficult, you can just visit “” to automatically download the program.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the program, open it and click the Sign-Up button to create an account.
  • Verify the account you’ve created on your email before logging in your credentials in the Sign-In menu on GetInsta.
  • Receive the free coins after logging in, and then connect your Instagram profile on GetInsta to use the program’s features.

GetInsta app login

Installing and using GetInsta for your Android phone or Windows PC is fast and easy, and you will be able to get dozens of followers and likes on Instagram through the Instagram auto liker app in just a few minutes. If you want to get more and more follows and likes on the social media app, then you should do your best to collect more coins on GetInsta by liking and following other users daily.