Staple diet: how can food businesses still benefit from print marketing?

You may think that businesses may take losses with print marketing compared to other forms of marketing, since the internet and social media are prominent aspects of our society. However, print marketing has its own benefits that your business can reap, and so we shouldn’t be so quick as to overlook or dismiss this form of marketing.

For food businesses in particular, print marketing can be a lucrative avenue to explore when it comes to marketing campaigns. So, if you are a food business owner, here is why you should still consider print marketing.

What is print marketing?

Print marketing is a marketing strategy that encompasses all things print – this can be in the form of newspapers, magazines, posters, leaflets, brochures, and others that are essentially printed. Although overshadowed by digital marketing, print marketing is still considered an effective method to attract new customers and appeal to current ones.

Statistics even show that newspapers are ranked in second place as UK customers’ most trusted advertising medium, as of September 2022. This shows that print is perceived as more reliable – perhaps due to its physical tangibility. Unlike digital, customers are actually able to read marketing messages at their own pace.

Food businesses and print marketing

So how can food businesses benefit from this type of marketing? Here we have outlined a few ways print is advantageous for your business:

Direct mail

Despite the accessibility of emails, direct mail is still a viable option if you are struggling with email response rates. Direct mail is a great way to provide customers with coupons or vouchers for discounts, as well as advertise your business’ menu or any new menu additions.

Booklets and brochures

With booklet making equipment, you can easily produce booklets in your very office, which makes it even easier to print and display within your commercial building. For example, it can act as a menu or takeaway menu that customers can read and take with them. Or, you can simply send it off to customers as mail too.

Storefront signage

Do not forget that print marketing does not have to be the usual newspaper, mail, or magazine – it can also just be posters that you can put up at the front of your store to entice customers to walk in. These can include menus, any ongoing promotions, and of course, delectable pictures of the types of food that your business sells!


It would be a good idea to promote your business in food magazines either through an entire ad placed within the magazine itself, or a contribution to the magazine via a recipe piece or other. First of all, you would need to find a suitable food magazine that will allow you to feature on it, of course.


Newspapers are not dead, so it may be best to not completely jump on the bandwagon to eradicate newspapers as a marketing avenue. By using newspapers to market your food business, you are reaching not only an audience who may not be overly present online, but also your local community. As a result, you could expect improved local exposure which is great for appealing to customers who live by your business.

With these things in mind, it is clear that food businesses can still benefit from print marketing for many years to come.