How to Write Better Essays: 6 Practical Tips

An academic GAMSAT Section 2 essay writing course paper writing is a mode of style that absolutely anyone can master especially when one knows the basic steps of writing an academic essay. It must provide a very concrete and debatable thesis which is backed up by relevant evidence. This evidence might be from either one’s source or from research done. Quite a number of research tend to follow a specific guideline. If you remember some fundamental steps for writing an essay, it will empower you to write very valuable and persuasive academic essays. Below are some of some thesis writing help ideas that you can implement in order to write better essays.

1. Create an Outline

The best way to break down your thesis is by creating an argument by making a basic outline. The most obvious structure of an essay includes; an introduction which is normally the thesis itself; the body of the academic essay which is made up of several paragraphs critically discussing detailed evidence that normally supports the academic essay paper; final part is the conclusion that ties up everything together in a summary. A perfect guideline will have not less than three concrete points supporting your evidence.

2. Build Up Your Vocabulary

A perfect vocabulary will enable one to express oneself very clearly. Knowing to get away with words is one of the best characteristics of a perfect essay because readers wouldn’t want their time wasted with rambling points most especially if such a sentence would have been expressed with just a few words. The best way in which you can communicate effectively without being wordy is through the use of exceptional vocabulary. An advanced essay writer must never give up on their laurels. Learning of new vocabularies will enable you to be more intelligent and quite persuasive especially when it comes to arguing out your points.

3. Elevator Pitching

It is always advisable for one to write out a plan before starting to write the essay. Before you begin writing an outline one needs to know what argument he or she is going to address in the essay. Do this by summarizing the argument in a short, snappy paragraph referred to as an elevator pitch. It is a summary whereby readers will be able to read to know what entails in your essay. Your elevator pitch in your academic essay is you pitching your idea to your reader. It is normally a tough exercise, and so one needs to be very careful in their choice of words to achieve clarity.

4. Make Citations

Academic essays are the best way for one to showcase his or her intelligibility to the reader on how wide you have read by quoting people’s opinions and a variety of research done by scholars. Don’t cite too much. Consider mixing your own opinions with those of the ones you have cited so that it won’t look like you are relying much on other people’s ideas. It is allowed for one to disagree with the scholars, just make sure you provide concrete evidence backing up your disagreements. This proves to the reader that you have very strong reasoning skills.

5. Use of Syntax and Punctuation Appropriately

A polished sentence structure will create a difference to the reader of how intuitive you sound on paper. You have to create sentences that are easy to read and understand. You can do this by employing a number of syntaxes through creating sentence structures either long or short but not long enough to be a rambling sentence structure. Effectual punctuation is quite important, especially when conveying your arguments. Make sure your grammar is perfect.

6. Revise 

Once you are done with your essay, make sure you revise it at least twice to ensure you have not left out with any important points to be included.

Above are just a few techniques on how to write better essays so that you can be able to stand out from the rest and impress your readers or essay markers for better grades. You can also find cheap essays online to guide you through on how to write better essays.