How Can Google Adwords Help My Business

There are many avenues for your business to make money online. From SEO to Facebook, you have your pick of the litter regarding how you want to make your business successful.

Yet there is one that stands above them all; one made for the sole goal of making money: that would be Google Adwords. If you are wondering what Google Adwords is, this description from Forbes sums it up best:

“It’s simply a pay-per-click service which allows you to create and run ads for your business. These clickable ads are then displayed in Google’s search results. By using the right keywords for your target audience, you’re already ahead because you’re reaching people you have an interest in your product or service.”

Sounds like something up your alley? Great. We have five reasons why you should adopt Google Adwords as part of your digital marketing campaign. Also, make sure to have competent accountants always ready to back you up and you can visit their site here.

Five Reasons Why Google Adwords Can Help Your Business

1. You Control Everything

Unlike traditional media avenues, such as radio or television, once you make an ad, it’s out there in the public sphere. Nothing you can do can change it, so if you failed to get your message across properly, then you’ve wasted all time, money and resources in creating your ad.

But imagine if your ad wasn’t working and you could change it instantly? Well, that’s what you can do with Google Adwords. If you notice that you aren’t getting the results you want from your Adwords, you can easily change the keywords, demographics or budget, and it will instantly start again. That’s ultimately control that other media can’t offer.

2. Wider Reach & More Engagement for Customers

Perhaps one of the biggest drawcards of Adwords is the fact that it can reach a wider audience and is more likely to engage customers. As we touched on above in the Forbes description: all you need to include is the keyword within the content, and you’ll appear in search terms – that’s a huge reach right there!

There’s also the fact that Adwords appear first and above organic search results. That makes it more appealing to customers for two reasons: 1) a lot of them don’t actually know their ads in the first place and click anyway; and 2) these ads are targeting their needs specifically, as opposed to organic searches, which might have the information, but not what the customers needs.

That ultimately means more leads and sales for your business.

3. Faster Than SEO

Google Adwords Program webpage on the browser

While SEO is a staple in the digital marketing sphere, it does take a while to kick in. In most average cases, SEO takes between three to six months to get ranking, which means patience and money.

It’s why it’s best to compliment your SEO campaign with Google Adwords. This online advertising option works faster than SEO, as the Ad can go live immediately, and you’ll get results within a few days.

4. High Return on Investment

If you know how to use your resources wisely, you’ll be able to make a great ROI on your Google Adwords campaign. Just consider what said about how Adwords can work for you:

“Unlike other marketing strategies, Google Ads makes you pay only for ads people click on. Once you optimize Google Ads campaigns, you can get a high return on investment, which may not be possible with other marketing strategies.“

Essentially, you can get a high number of clicks (so more leads and sales) while spending very little money. That’s something that other advertising services can’t guarantee. And it’s why you should incorporate Adwords as part of your digital marketing campaign.

5. Learn About Your Target Market

Sometimes it can be difficult to learn about your “target audience”. You might have a good breakdown of who they are and what they do, but that could pretty much be it.

Thankfully, Google Adwords offers you all the data you need. You can access customer habits, such as keywords, location, devices they use, times and days they searched for your ads and if they were converted.

You can rewire this data to make your ads better while utilizing this information for other digital marketing strategies. It’s a huge win!

We hope that this guide on how Google Adwords can help your business. We understand it might be difficult to master this unique online service straight away. So if you need assistance, contact GrowME Marketing – Canada’s leading digital marketing agency. We’re ready to help your business grow!