Marvel Champions Card Review

Marvel Champion Card is a new Living Card Game published by Fantasy Flight Games. This game revolves around you controlling your hero and thwarting the evil machinations or attacks on the world from the villains. Meanwhile, you can purchase the Marvel Championships card game here at

Game Overview

It is a game for 1-4 players, seeing each player controlling his hero while also working together to see to the end of a dastard super-strong villain. Every one of the players represents a particular hero which can be any of these five Spiderman, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Black Panther, and lastly Captain Marvel. Saddled with cards distinct to their comic character, and an attack against the villain (Rhino, Klaw, and Ultron) begins.

A hero’s deck consists of 15 unique cards. These include some cards from an aspect set namely Aggression, Justice, Protection or Leadership, and some other basic cards. How to go about selecting your deck of cards can be found in the rulebook, though they may be akin to strong suggestions you can choose not to follow the said suggestion anytime you become comfortable or have already mastered the game. This presupposes you ending up with 40-50 cards. Also, each hero has an Obligation card and a set of Nemesis card, while the former goes into the villain’s encounter deck the later enter the game when certain cards are drawn from the encounter deck.

The villain’s deck is multiple versions of such a villain. The villain’s encounter deck consists of three different sets which are the villain’s unique encounter set, standard encounter set, and modular encounter set. Also, there are scheme decks for the villains, this adds some level of threat to them.

The game starts with the first player having his round with the villain rotating each round though till he passes it to the other players. The hero can play cards from their hand that will either do a one-time action or have some long-term effect while also having the potential to remain as an ally till the villain is defeated. Each hero has an identity card that has the hero side and an alter-ego side. This affects your hand size, what cards to play and the reaction of the villain to said.

On the hero side of the card, you are susceptible to attack from the villains during their turn while on the alter-ego side, you can’t be attacked but the villains can build up their scheme thus adding to the level of their threat. Also, on the alter-ego side, you can recover from any villain attack.

The game has five different types of cards which ally cards, upgrade cards, support cards, event cards, and resource cards. Whenever you wish to play a card, you will have to pay for it by discarding some other cards in your hand for their resource value.

The villains also have their attack level and scheme value. Drawing a card from their deck, the value from the card will be added to their attack or scheme value. This may be a big attack or just a small one, depending on your luck such an attack might just wipe out the whole players and you all lose.

The mechanics of the game is quite easy as you will be guided on every action to take from the rulebooks. The rulebooks are what will show you which hero is better suited for a villain and which can equal the power of such a villain by adapting to their level of power or attack. The game can be replayed many times with different levels of difficulties and different villains.