How to Choose an SEO Agentur Company

Okay, so you now have a website, and now you need to get higher Google rankings (or other search engine rankings) so you can get more visibility and increase your revenue and popularity of other companies. When you need to do this, it’s crucial to think about hiring a quality SEO Agentur (company or agency) that can use specialized tactics that can get you on the top of those search engines and help you stomp your competitors into the ground, putting you on top of your game. But the common question is how to do it, what to look for, and what to avoid.

Make Sure they Use White Hat or Gray Hat Strategies

If you hear anything like link spamming, keyword spamming, or other terms being mentioned when it comes to content building, avoid it like the plague. These are known as black hat strategies, and you want to ask about these to make sure your company doesn’t use them. Make sure that the company you’re looking to hire uses White Hat (or “good and safe”) SEO strategies. There are some “black hat” strategies that are possible and safe when mixed with white hat practices, which makes it “grey hat” area, but it’s a fine line so just keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Check References

You want to ensure that the SEO company you’re going to go with has some experience and has an extensive skillset in SEO as a whole. You don’t want to hire a company that has very little knowledge or the same knowledge as you if you don’t have much when it comes to SEO. They need to be able to have a strategy in place.

That being said, you want to check the references (and be sure to ask them if they have some) of previous clients to ensure that the 5-star reviews that you see aren’t just sugarcoated. If you are going with a company that only has a couple references, and this is acceptable to you, then you can choose them, but make sure they are transparent and admit that they’re just starting out. But be sure to still check reviews of the person and do your homework to make sure they’re not scammers. There are a lot of people claiming to be SEO experts out there that are just out to get an extra dollar.

Ask About their Strategy

A good SEO company has no problem educating you about SEO and digital marketing, and not only that though, they want to hear what you want as far as what results you want to see. Make sure that they offer detailed reports frequently and regularly to ensure that you are the major focus over themselves when it comes to getting the search engine rankings you want. At the same time, ask what their strategy is, and what their plan usually consists of. Once all the information is given to you and your questions are answered, then you can start asking about prices.


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