Start a Clothing Line with a Great Marketing Strategy

Starting a clothing line is a smart business idea given this type of business literally and figuratively never runs out of style. Clothing is a basic human need and it will never lose its place in the market despite of any other economic developments. As long as you have excellent clothing designs on top of good quality, you can easily create demand for your clothing products without the need to spend for huge advertising or marketing.

The idea of having your own clothing line is easy but the biggest challenge to it is having the investment capital for the business. You have to think of mass production, overhead costs, materials and delivery expenses, etc. Starting your own clothing line involves a lot of money but if you are smart enough, you can actually do it without having a single penny. Let me spill to you the secret on how to start a clothing line for free.

Clothing Designs are Gold

A clothing line business idea usually gets conceived when you have clothing designs in mind. These clothing design ideas are the ones who drive you to make the business possible. If you are confident of your designs and you believe it will have its place in the market, you are actually on a good starting point for a potentially successful clothing business. Since you lack resources and finances, you can actually use your clothing designs as a way to attract investors to fund your clothing brand.

Having excellent product designs is not enough to convince people to fund your project. You have to present a business proposal with all the numbers needed to back up the feasibility of your business venture. You have to research on current market trends and clothing industry reports and include within your proposal statistics which support your clothing project. If possible, seek help from an established fashion entrepreneur for advice on your project.

Set a monetary goal to know the exact amount you need from investors for your startup clothing line. Tally all the costs such as materials expenses, overhead costs, packaging expenses, shipping & transportation fees and all other factors where you need to spend money to jumpstart your business. Usually, $500 would be enough to get a small clothing line going and this can already be a decent monetary goal to save up on.

Aspects of Clothing Manufacturing you can have for Free

The two major aspects of clothing manufacturing you can have for free are design creation and marketing. The most important skill to have in order to avail of free design creation has to be graphic design skills. If you are knowledgeable of graphic design software or programs then you can manually create 2D and 3D versions of your clothing designs which you will present to manufacturers for production.

Hiring professional graphic designers will cost you $150 up to $300 depending on the amount of work involved for your clothing designs. The amount for their professional fee is already a huge fraction of your capital which makes it advisable for you to at least avail of this aspect for free once you have the right graphic design skills. Simply do the designs yourself and save up money for design creation costs.

Another aspect of clothing manufacturing which you can get for free is marketing or advertising. The emergence of social media makes it a popular marketing platform you can take advantage of. Signing up for social media channels is totally for free and you can use this to your advantage to market your clothing products in the future. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular marketing platforms businesses all around the world use to advertise their respective products and services.


It is possible to start a clothing line without having a single penny. However, you need to have the right skills and design ideas in order to entice investors to help you in your project. Since you do not have the actual money for this investment, be prepared to do most of the labor to cover for the lack of resources. All the hard work will eventually pay off once you see your clothing line raking in money as profits.

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