Types of Forbrukslån

Consumer loans are those credits given to finance different types of expenses. Usually, in the various types of this advance, the borrower is given the product after paying the down payment amount then the rest of the sum is paid monthly.

There are various kinds of consumer products available out there so, you have to understand what you need before applying for this kind of loan. It can be beneficial if the Forbrukslån på dagen are approved when you need them most.

Consumer loans are of different types. Now let’s look at them.

1. Mortgage

A mortgage refers to the loan that is used to buy a house or maintain one, purchase land, or any other type of real estate. The property itself acts as collateral to get the advance. The borrower has to apply for the credit through their preferred bank or financial institution. Nevertheless, they have to meet certain conditions like; being in a position to pay the down payment amount and meet the minimum credit scores set by the financial organization.

There are various kinds of mortgages available out there. The type you choose depends on your needs. The most common types are the fixed rate that runs from 15 to 30 years. But there are some which last for as short as 5 years and others up to 40 years. Elongating the payments to more years will reduce the monthly amounts but on the other hand, it will increase the interest rates you have to cater for over the credit’s lifespan.

On the same note, there exist numerous kinds of home advances based on the different loan repayment lengths. They are available to individuals who cannot afford to pay the down payment sum and don’t meet the minimum credit scores or income to qualify for this type of advance. They include the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs Loans, U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) loans, and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans. So, if you don’t have enough income or you are not in a good financial place currently and you need to secure an advance, you need not worry. These types of home loans are here for your rescue.

The common types of mortgage advances that exist are the fixed-rate and the adjustable-rate mortgage. In a fixed-rate mortgage, the initial interest rate charged on the credit remains the same throughout the lifespan of the advance. Additionally, the amount of the monthly payments remains the same as well. This kind of mortgage credit is also referred to as the traditional mortgage advance. When it comes to the adjustable-rate mortgage, the interest rate set initially lasts for a specific time, and then it changes over time depending on the current interest rates in the market.

The initial interest rates set are usually below the market price which might lure people to choose this type of mortgage advance because it looks affordable. While in the real sense, this kind of advance is only affordable over the short term but in the long term, it is expensive due to the rise in the interest rates. There is a limit though on how much the ARM’s interest rates have to rise every time it adjusts and the total sum over the credit’s lifespan.

Other less common kinds of mortgages are interest-only credits and reverse mortgages. Interest-only and payment-option ARMs are available to those borrowers who have a very complicated payment schedule. You have to be keen on this kind of advance because it can complicate things. For instance, in early 2000 during the housing bubble, many homeowners got into financial constraints as a result of this type of credit.

The reverse mortgage credit is specifically intended for mortgage holders aged 62 or more who need to change over piece of the value in their homes into cash. Usually, the borrower lends an amount of money that is similar to the value of their house. The cash is given as a line of credit, fixed monthly payments, or as a lump sum. When the borrower sells the house, moves away permanently, or dies, the entire credit balance becomes due.

2. Auto Loan

This type of credit is given to purchase a car. It is either granted by a bank or any other financial institution or the car dealer. The length of repayment for this type of advance ranges between 2 to 7 years. The repayment duration depends on the financial organization or dealer giving out the credit, but the above length is the common one. The down payment for an auto advance is larger due to the rapid car depreciation value but the tenure is shorter.

If you want to own a car but you don’t have enough cash to purchase it, an auto credit might be the best option for you. All you have to do is pay the down payment, take the car and continue paying for the rest amount monthly.

3. Education Loan

An education loan is given to cater for a student’s educational needs. Mainly it is used to pay for the school fees. The main aim of this type of advance is to ensure every student gets the education they need even if they cannot afford to pay the school fees. This type of credit is unsecured since it does not require collateral.

Educational expenses are catered for until the student is done with school. A few months or years after graduating, the learner is required to start paying back the credit.

4. Credit Card

Among all the consumer loan types, credit cards are the most common ones. Usually, the debtor uses the card to pay for daily expenses such as groceries, shopping, and other things, on credit. This type of advance attracts interest the longer it lasts. Defaulting to pay it back will attract a larger amount of penalty thus requiring you to repay a larger sum compared to what you had used.


As we have seen from the points discussed above, consumer loans are very useful in purchasing things we might need but do not have enough money for. Most individuals will not be in a position to purchase a car or house if consumer loans did not come to their rescue. Therefore, this type of advance is very beneficial if used correctly.