Why is Marketing Important to Parents?

Parents take a primary role in the upbringing and education of their children. Parents provide children with appropriate care, nutrition, and comfortable conditions for growth and development. One of the significant aspects of kids’ care is healthy and balanced nutrition. Besides, the baby’s product choice, especially formula choice, has a crucial influence. In this very context, marketing plays a key role in helping parents to make justified decisions and choices for their babies.

The influence of information on the person in the modern world and the role of marketing in it 

Society in the modern world is an informational one. The informational environment occupies an increasingly significant place. The advertisement is considered to be the message or announcement in a publicly available mass media advertising a product or service. In general, there is nothing bad about marketing. It is just a tool that is used by companies or enterprises to introduce or popularize products to a broad audience. The advertisement can also be a tool to present different food and services. The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies marketing as any form of commercial connection or message which is intended or has the effect of increasing the recognition, attractiveness, and consumption of certain products and services. As a result, the purpose of marketing is to increase brand awareness and inform about new products. So, marketing can be very useful for parents, especially new parents. They can get acquainted with different baby products, collect all necessary information for consideration and consult about the chosen brand of baby’s food, for example, with the pediatrician. So, what can marketing also do for the parents? 

 What are the core principles of marketing toward parents in choosing a baby’s food?

1 The trust and well-awareness 

The modern world is full of information. It is crucial for parents to know how to identify truthful information from marketing noise. Marketing helps parents to be well-informed about different brands and their products. Parents get access to information about the composition, properties, and benefits of baby formulas through marketing campaigns, websites, and social media. Moreover, they can compare different brands and choose the one which meets their expectations and values. You can easily examine this – just check European baby formula brands at Organic’sBestShop, and you can tell for yourself. The marketing efforts of brands that are presented at Organics Best Shop give parents the possibility to compare, consider the best option, and choose the most suitable formula for their child.  

2 The products’ quality 

The quality of products has paramount importance in the sphere of child nutrition. Marketing supports parents during the quality evaluation of the babies’ products, including formulas. The promotional materials and consumer reviews give information about sources of ingredients, production technologies, and quality standards. Parents can choose their baby’s food that meets the requirements of healthy nutrition and safety. 

3 Health and safety

Health and baby products safety is an extremely important aspect. Parents have the possibility to get acquainted with the data about certification, research, and clinical tests which verify the safety and advantages of baby formula. The marketing efforts of brands promote the increasing level of parents’ trust in the products.

4 The diversity of choice

Marketing encourages the expansion of the baby’s product assortment. Diversity of choice is important as children grow and their needs change. Parents can find formulas that are suitable for different age groups and individual babies’ needs. It also allows parents to provide children with suitable nutrition at every stage of their growth. 

5 Ethics and values 

Marketing can also reflect the ethical aspects and values of brands. A lot of parents prefer products that meet the principles of sustainable development, environmental friendliness, and social responsibility. Marketing strategies can influence parents’ decisions when choosing formulas for their babies. 


Marketing plays an important role in parents’ lives. It helps them to make a reasonable choice of baby’s food and products, particularly formulas. The information provided by marketing assists parents with an evaluation of the quality, safety, and suitability of products to their needs and values. Choosing the right children’s nutrition can contribute to a baby’s health and development. Consequently, it is essential to be conscious consumers and use marketing information for proper selection.