Sites to Find Free Video Clips

A video is one of the best ways for you to market or promote your brand, as consumers would automatically be able to get the gist of your brand’s products or services through several clips. In addition, a video is also a great way for you to advertise your business, as social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook would allow you to turn an uploaded video into an ad that can show up in a profile’s timeline or before the start of another video.


While having videos for your brand is beneficial, creating videos can actually be quite difficult, as you would have to take amazing shots of your company or products and you would also have to edit the clips that will be used on the video so that they will have seamless transitions. Editing is arguably the hardest part of creating a video, as you would need to put hours to painstakingly cut, extend, and add effects on each clip to make it look better. However, the difficulty level is further raised when you don’t have enough useful footage to create the video, which is unfortunate since you don’t have a choice but to use clips online in order to fill some spots. Not all videos found online can be used by others, as they would usually have copyright, but luckily, there are several websites on the internet that you can visit that has plenty of videos or clips that have no copyright. Here are the best websites to find free video clips.


Videvo is the most popular website for getting free video clips, as it has a gallery containing thousands of videos for any theme or subject. The videos on Videvo are uploaded by their community of users, so you can also upload clips if you want them to be used by others. There are two types of licensing that Videvo has for their videos, with the first one being the Videvo Standard License, while the other is the Creative Commons 3.0. Videos under the first license can be used or downloaded for free, while the videos under the second license requires the user to give credit to the creator of the video.


Splitshire is a website created by Daniel Nanescu, a web designer who wanted to upload his videos and photos online for both personal use and for other to download and use his creations as well. The videos found on this website are usually shot using a drone, so if you want clips of beautiful landscapes, you can down the videos in Splitshire for free. Nanescu allows all visitors to download all of his videos or photos, but you cannot sell them or use them in inappropriate videos that show discrimination or violence.


Although Pexels is primarily a website for free photos, it also has a gallery of videos that can also be used and downloaded for free. These videos are taken in high definition, so those can be used in any video quality that you are going to edit. Unlike Videvo, Pexels only have one type of licensing, Creative Commons Zero, and this allows users to download the videos on Pexels’ collection for free without asking permission to the original creator of the clips. To find the most popular videos on Pexel, you would use the website’s “trending” page.


Much like Pexels, Pixabay started out as a website to get free photos, but it eventually branched out to offer free videos for its users as well. Furthermore, Pixabay also uses the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, so you are free to download any video clips that you want without the need to give credit to the original owner of the clips. Pixabay has a gallery full of HD videos, so you wouldn’t have to worry about using low quality clips for your video since the website provides you with high quality clips that can pair well with your own clips.

Life of Vids

Life of Vids features a gallery of free videos, loops, and clips that are owned by Leeroy, which is an advertising agency based in Montreal, Canada. You are free to download any video on Life of Vids, although you are limited to redistributing the videos on other sites like Pixabay and Pexels, which is not really a downside if you are not a re-uploader. In order for you to get an HD version of a specific video, you would need to click on the Vimeo logo found in the bottom right corner of the video, and once you clicked on it, select the “Download” button to automatically download the clip.

These are five of the best websites that you can go to on your browser to get high quality videos or clips for free. By using the videos on these websites, you wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough footage for your video, but you would still need to edit in these free videos seamlessly to make them look like they are supposed to be one of your clips. Adding these free clips from the said websites can be a difficult task, but it would eventually be easy through practice.