The Interesting History of Vitamix

Every time we would talk about blenders, Vitamix blenders will always come up in the conversation. It’s no argument that the majority of the blender owners would dream of having a Vitamix blender added to their kitchenware. Vitamix was able to cement its brand by promoting health and wellness for everyone; they mainly focused on aiding people’s road to a healthier lifestyle. 

Vitamix History

Vitamix has a relatively rich history before getting to where they are now. It all started in 1921 when William Grover “Papa” Barnard founded the famous Vitamix company, but before, Papa primarily began by selling a variety of kitchen appliances. He would often travel around the country, looking for events and fairs to showcase his products. Generally speaking, Papa was trying to make a living during the Great Depression. Amidst the country’s state at that time, Papa was also aiding a friend of his due to illness; but despite the adversaries, he realized how food plays a vital role in everyone’s health and well-being. That’s when he decided to name his company “The National Food Institute,” with a mission to aid and promote health and wellness using their products. Naturally, people supported the mission Papa was trying to carry out; he helped people get the vitamins and nutrients they needed, but it was not enough to get the majority’s attention despite this works.

Introduction to Blender

When blenders came into existence during the 1930s, they quickly stormed the commercial market, thus making waves for the American people. It was not until 1937 that Barnard met this handy kitchen appliance; he quickly saw the potential this small machine offers, especially in the health and wellness sector. He conducted in-depth studies about blenders and how they can benefit someone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Bearing this vision in mind, Barnard minimally ditched the original concept and created a new one with the same mission for its consumers. He led his company to start manufacturing high-quality blenders, which can primarily aid in creating healthy meals and snacks within the household. Barnard then came up with the name “Vita-Mix,” which originated from a Latin word meaning life.

Vitamix and its Innovations

1949 was undoubtedly a year of innovation, especially in terms of advertisement medium and health and wellness for the majority. Amazingly, the existence of television has allowed Bill Barnard to spread the news about the Vitamix blenders across the country, reaching a whole new set of communities and people, for that matter. The main idea of Bill creating an infomercial for the masses was also the first during its time, having it cementing an achievement for the company.

Company Changes

Surprisingly, it was only until 1964 when the company and its new owner, Bill Barnard, decided to entirely rename the company name from The Natural Food to Vita-Mix Corporation. The vision remained intact after years passed; they want to help households create delicious yet healthy meals and drinks anyone can enjoy. With the changes and company mission in full swing, it didn’t take long before Vitamix set new standards for household blenders; it’s safe to say that it has a league on its own.

Vitamix and Beyond

Vitamix 3600, one of the company’s first high-performance utility blenders, was released in 1969. A utility blender, you ask? Basically, it was able to do a wide range of kitchen tasks with ease. These vital points are how they set apart from the rest of the competition. Once customers have their hands on a Vitamix blender, they wouldn’t need to get different blenders just to get work done in the kitchen.

Throughout the 1990s, Vitamix Corporation has already made a variety of Vitamix machines for the commercial market. But at the same time, the company also had managed to do custom models for famous food and beverage companies such as McDonald’s and Starbucks Cofee. With their brand making waves not only in the U.S but all over the world, it’s only fair that they take their quality products to signature places as well.

With the hard work and dedication the company and its owners made despite the adversaries the Barnard’s faced firsthand, they still made a mark not only on the American people but on the world. Now, they are still one of the biggest and known high-performance blender companies globally, and rightfully so.